Can You Really Relieve Toothache Pain Naturally?

Tooth pain
 has become a milestone for many people, especially when they're so bad that it's painful to talk about them, let alone try and treat them.


There are many natural ways to relieve this type of pain and stress, though they may not be entirely as effective as visiting a dentist in Germantown, MD. Nevertheless, we’ve gathered a few ways you can try to alleviate your toothache at home.




Warm Shower

This is possibly the easiest home remedy for toothaches.


Take a warm shower, close your eyes, and let the water reach your facial skin. You can also add a little essential oil.


This will help reduce pain and provide aromatherapy benefits all in one place, which is excellent when you’re in a tight schedule or feeling frustrated by not sleeping because of the pain.


Though, you should note that this will only provide temporary relief.



Ice Cream and Ice-Cold Drinks

One can understand a slight hesitation when it comes to the crunchy, yummy foods like ice cream, but regardless of what it is, if it’s cold (even better if it’s frozen!), try eating a few bites. The pain will eventually subside, and you'll be able to continue your daily tasks.


Of course, this could be a hit or miss!


Cut open a potato, preferably not one that has been refrigerated or stored for too long, and place it on top of the sore tooth. If you're not going to use the whole potato, freeze it until you are ready for your pain reliever.


The potatoes will be pretty cold, and even with a sore tooth, people may find it an uncomfortable feeling when biting into a cold potato initially. Still, keep it on the spot until the pain subsides.


Although this may bring you temporary comfort, it will still need quite a bit of time to work.




If you’ve ever had a toothache and have always wanted to try this one, go ahead and try it now by making a mix of cranberry juice with water and half-and-half (or cream).


Other ingredients that may work include honey, ginger, or cinnamon. It may not taste great, but it will provide the quickest relief possible—even if it's temporary.


Seek Professional Care

These remedies might help you temporarily, but you shouldn't ignore a persisting toothache. These remedies are, at best, anecdotal and shouldn't be used as the only way to get rid of toothache.


A sharp toothache is an indication of bad oral health; as such, you should still schedule an appointment with your dentist ASAP.


At Advanced Dental Center, our trained dentists provide professional dental services that ensure your toothache is relieved entirely and your oral health is not risked.


If you want to benefit from our dental care services in Maryland and surround areas, contact us to schedule your appointment today.