Monday, 11 September 2017

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Can cosmetic dentistry help your career?

Cosmetic dentistry is a unique field of dentistry that focuses on the aesthetic facet of the teeth rather than its functionality. Cosmetic dentistry procedures improve the overall appearance of the teeth, gums and bite of the mouth. It exclusively focuses on accentuating the beauty of teeth by a variety of different services, each of these services improves the aesthetic in color, shape, alignment, size and over all smile of the patient.  
It should be noted that the American Dental Association does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty area of dentistry, as at the end of the day every dentist provides services which help people smile to their fullest.

However these services will not only help people smile like never before, but can actually help them in their professional and personal lives. To help people understand the true potential of cosmetic dentistry, we at Advanced Dental Center have articulated a list of benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

1. A Radiant Smile Depicts Confidence

We all know that confidence is key both in professional and personal settings, so how can a person smile with confidence if they are insecure about their teeth?
This is exactly where cosmetic dentistry can help people overcome their insecurities. Even though body language is one of the most powerful tools when negotiating or when a person is trying to convey a message, a smile is actually considered to be one of the most effective ways of winning someone over.

2. A Radiant Smile Depicts A Sense Of Hygiene

Another profound benefit of investing in cosmetic dentistry is the fact that it depicts a sense of hygiene to other people. Colleagues will look at radiant teeth as a sure shot sign that you take care of your teeth and health, which will further help enhance your career. Hygiene is considered to be a core quality in leaders; this is exactly why so many people are investing in cosmetic dentistry services.

3. A Radiant Smile Can Help Improve Your Overall Health

Most people do not know this but a person’s oral hygiene and confidence has a major role to play in their over health. Have you ever noticed how confident people who are always smiling for no apparent reason, seem more content with life? Well they are content with life as they can smile their way through any situation. Furthermore once an individual has undergone cosmetic dentistry they tend to start taking more care of their teeth and overall health at the same time.

If you want to take your professional or personal life to a whole different level, then consider contacting a cosmetic and family dentistry. Or to set an appointment call 301-353-8890 to get in touch with a representative from Advanced Dental Center.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

How To Become A Fear Free Clinician?

A fear free clinician is any practitioner who provides their clients with a personal experience which is comfortable from every aspect. This can be incredibly challenging for dentists as they by virtue have a level of fear and anxiety associated to their services.
Many people cringe just on the mere thought that they have to visit the dentist, especially if they have had difficult experience in the past. One bad experience at the dentist office can traumatize a person for the rest of their lives.
Many dentists in Rockville have come to terms with how people perceive their services and have taken many different steps to help provide their patients with a more comfortable experience.
These dentists in Rockville MD are taking dentistry to a whole different level by focusing on the experience that they are providing to their clients, this targeted focus is the reason behind their success. 

What people have to realize is that dental phobia is a real and prevailing issue in our society today; it is imperative that every dentist takes steps to create a fear free clinic for patients that suffer from this phobia.
To help every dentist in Rockville create a fear fee clinic, given below are certain tips which will provide their patients with a comfortable and relaxing experience.  

1. Focus On The Interior Of The Clinic

Most dentists create a professional environment in their clinic, although this is admirable as it depicts their level of professionalism but it does not help the patient’s situation. Dentists should consider creating an interactive ambience full of colors and pictures to help every patient feel right at home.

2. Treat The Patient With A Personalized Approach

No two patients are the same and when dentistry understands this they will take their service to new horizons. Every dentist should first sit with their patients and talk about the issue, they should discuss the root cause of the issue and how they plan on fixing it. This will help the patient understand the procedure and will reduce their fear and anxiety by a substantial margin.

3. Treat Children Differently

Children fear the dentist the most; this is exactly why every dentist should try a different approach with children. They should first build a relationship with the child and should only start the treatment once they are comfortable!
To learn more about fear free clinics or to set an appointment simply call 301-353-8890 to get in touch with a representative from Advanced Dental Center

Saturday, 9 September 2017

How Smiling Affects Health?

Every year, trillions of dollars are spent in the United States simply to boost health. They renew their gym memberships, start new fitness routines, purchase supplements, visit the doctor, etc.
What most people haven’t figured out yet is that there is an easier and cheaper way to boost their health, improve their mood, and make them look more beautiful, which is to smile.
According to a study in which baseball card photos of Major League baseball players were examined, it was found that players who did not smile in their pictures had an average lifespan of 72.9 years compared to a lifespan of 79.9 years of players who smiled.
Smiles do not just let the world know that you are happy, but they do a lot more than that. The truest of smiles especially do you the most good. These can use from 5 to 53 facial muscles depending upon how true they are. Fake smiles, generally, use lesser muscles.

According to another study, 48% people feel that smile is the most memorable feature after they meet somebody for the first time.
Here, let us take a look at a few more reasons why it is worth showing your pearly white teeth daily.

1. Smiling kills pain

Laughter is the best medicine—heard the phrase? Laughter and smiling are a perfect cure. When you laugh or smile, your body releases endorphins that lift your mood and sometimes act as natural painkillers too.

2. Longevity

Studies have found that people who smile more live 7 years longer than people who do not smile often. Plus, smiling also makes people look 3 years younger according to another study.

3. Makes you look more attractive

Smiling means that you are empathetic, easy going and personable. According to one study, smiling makes you more attractive to people you smile at. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Increase productivity

Have you noticed how you get motivated and find it easy to focus more on your tasks after spending a few moments smiling and laughing at silly internet memes or watching funny videos? It is because smiling releases stress and pressure.

5. Contagious

Smiling is contagious. When you smile at people, around 50% of the people smile back to you. This way, you are spreading the health benefits to a lot of people around you.
At Advanced Dental Center, our team of experienced dentists in Rockville utilizes safe and advanced tools to provide the best cosmetic and family dentistry solutions. For details, click here

Friday, 8 September 2017

The Anatomy of Your Teeth

According to prosthodontists, around 35 million Americans do not have any teeth in one or both their jaws.

The teeth are the hardest substance in the human body. Held within the jaw bones, they are essential for chewing, contribute to your appearance—particularly your facial shape and structure—and enable you to speak properly.

While adults have 32 permanent teeth, young children have 20 primary teeth initially. Children begin to develop their first adult teeth around the age of six, and have completely developed them by the time they turn 13.
Did you know: Cats have 30 teeth, dogs have 42 teeth, while an armadillo has 104 teeth!

Different parts of the teeth

1. Enamel

White in color, it is the hardest part of a tooth.

2. Dentin

It is the bottom layer that is made up of living cells and which secretes hard mineral substances.

3. Cementum

It is the connective tissue layer that attaches the roots of the teeth to the gums firmly.

4. Pulp

This is the softer inner structure of the teeth. The nerves and blood vessel run through the pulp.

5. Periodontal ligament:

It is the tissue that functions to hold the teeth against the jaw.

Types of teeth

There are different types of teeth, each having its own unique function.

1. Canines

There are 4 canines in an adult mouth. These are sharp teeth that play an important role in biting and tearing food.

2. Incisors

These are 8 teeth in the center of an adult mouth, four each on the upper and lower jaws. They play a vital role in cutting food.

3. Premolars

These are the 8 teeth between the canines and the molars, four on the upper jaw and four on the lower one. They help a person tear and crush food.

4. Molars

These are the 8 largest teeth located at the back of an adult mouth that have wide surfaces chewing and grinding food.

5. Wisdom teeth

These 4 teeth are also called third molars. They are located at the extreme end of the mouth. However, since they can cause infection, misalignment and overcrowding, dentists often remove them surgically.

Advanced Dental Center takes care of the dental needs of adults and children both. It has the best team of dentists in Frederick, Maryland that offer the best cosmetic treatments such as veneers and teeth whitening treatment. So, if you want a healthier smile, contact us now to book your appointment!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Electric vs. Traditional: Tooth Brushes

Like every other aspect in our society, even tooth brushes have evolved over time.
These days, there are tooth brushes out there that are powered by electricity and include high speed rotating bristles. Although these electric tooth brushes were introduced in the market quite some time ago, they are still very popular especially amongst young children.

But many people still wonder whether electric tooth brushes have eliminated the need for traditional tooth brushes.
To end this debate on whether traditional tooth brushes are more effective than traditional ones, we have articulated a list of its pros and cons.

Electric tooth brushes

Pros: The first and most prominent advantage of electric tooth brushes is the fact that they appear to be much more appealing and enticing. This is makes it perfect for children,  encouraging them to use electric tooth brushes so that they can have fun while brushing their teeth!
At the same time, electric tooth brushes are actually faster than traditional tooth brushes so people can save time every day using these tooth brushes. Finally, electric tooth brushes are also ideal for people who have trouble gripping tooth brushes due to any condition.
Cons: The most profound disadvantage of electric tooth brushes is their price tag, due to the intricate rotating motors present inside its mechanics, these devices are sold at high prices.  
Another disadvantage of electric tooth brushes is their bulky size and the fact that the vibrations might be difficult for some people to deal with.  

Traditional tooth brushes

Pros: Traditional tooth brushes are still around due to the array of benefits that they provide. These traditional tooth brushes are available at affordable prices and provide the user with optimum control when brushing their teeth.
At the same time, these tooth brushes are perfect for people who constantly travel and are the most reliable option since there is no chance of them breaking down!
Cons: In order to brush teeth effectively, the end user will need to know the recommended brushing techniques and a level of dexterity is required while using these brushes. Finally, people who are suffering from conditions like arthritis will have a lot of trouble using traditional brushes.
At the end of the day, both of these tooth brushes have their own charm, but the only way to find out which tooth brush is more beneficial is by contacting a cosmetic and family dentistry. Your dentist in Gaithersburg MD can ascertain which tooth brush will be more effective for you and your family!
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