Denture Care 101


Dentures are false teeth and gums used as a replacement for natural teeth. They can be for all of your teeth or just a few missing ones.

No matter the type, dentures are delicate and need proper dental care from time to time to keep them stain-free.

Here’re some ways you can ensure the long life of your dentures.

Handle your dentures with care

It’s essential to handle your dentures with utmost care.

Always wash your hands before touching your dentures to avoid passing any bacteria and germs.

In case you dropped them, fold them up in a wet towel or soak them in water to minimize the damage.

In addition, soaking them overnight is a good practice for oral health so do it regularly.


Brush your dentures properly

Brushing is an important part of denture maintenance. Brush your dentures properly by using a non-abrasive cream with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Make sure to pick the cream and toothbrush that is specifically designed for denture cleaning.

Place your dentures on a flat surface and hold the lower denture from the side you're brushing. Never place it on your palm during cleaning so it doesn't break.

Rinse your dentures after every meal with warm water to get rid of the food debris.

If you use a denture adhesive, clean the denture base that sticks to your gum to remove the glue.

Look into denture adjustment and repair


Your dentist is likely to call you for a follow up after your denture treatment. Never miss these follow-ups.

Often people bend their dentures to adjust them, which only ends up damaging the whole structure of the denture. You don’t want to make this mistake, so always consult your dentist for denture adjustment and repair.

Moreover, the bone supporting the denture is likely to shrink over time, making your denture loose and less stable. If you think that your denture has gotten loose, it means it’s time for a denture repair or adjustment.

Consider denture replacement

Though denture lasts between 5 to 7 years, they need to be remade and altered according to the changes in your bones, gums, and jaws.

At times a dentist will simply refit the base, but sometimes a whole new denture is required. You’ll only know what your denture needs once you visit your dentist.

Have regular dental checkups
Though regular checkups may seem unrelated to dentures, they're necessary.

Visiting your dentist regularly can solve your dental problems with the help of prompt diagnoses and treatment.


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