Dental Crowns Vs. Bridges: Which One's Better for You?


A damaged or missing tooth can make you feel embarrassed to show your smile. That’s why dental care pays so much attention to a perfect smile—and that’s where dental bridge and crown come in.

Dental bridges and crowns are artificial dental devices fixed onto teeth or dental implants. Once they've done their job, a professional dentist can remove them.

Learn what dental implants are.

Dental Crown

A dental crown is used for covering a damaged or chipped tooth.

A crown is mainly made from ceramic and porcelain material. Your dentist will pick the one closest to the color of your teeth. In addition, there’re also metal crowns with a porcelain surface to match the color of your teeth.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is used for replacing a missing tooth that holds onto the adjacent teeth to stay in place. It's a pair of three or more crowns attached lineally.

The best thing about a dental bridge is that it doesn’t affect the surrounding teeth and fills the little gaps.

Now that you know what dental crowns and bridges are, let’s learn about their benefits to decide which one would be suitable for you.

Benefits of a dental crown

· Superior choice to cover a tooth with a large filling

· Ideal for a tooth with root canal

· Best replacement for discolored teeth

· Protects a weak tooth

· Repairs a fractured tooth

· Can be attached to dental implants

· Incredibly durable

Benefits of a dental bridge

· Best for replacing one or more missing teeth

· Improves the alignment of teeth

· Eliminates the need for bone grafting

· Better choice than dentures if the patient has few damaged teeth

· Faster than dental implants

· Relatively cheaper than implants

· Highly durable

Verdict: It's A Tie!

The decision honestly depends on your individual needs. It’s recommended to go for a dental crown to restore a single tooth, while bridges are best for replacing more than one missing teeth.

In addition, both crowns and bridges are equally durable. They can last 15 to 30 years with the appropriate dental care.

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