Why Does a Good Toothbrush Matter?

 According to the American Dental Association, brushing your teeth for two minutes a day will help you avoid cavities and gum disease.


It's a good idea to invest in a toothbrush that does all of that. But since there are so many different types out there, how is one brush better than another?


By understanding what makes up a toothbrush, you’ll know why you should be using them regularly.



Let's get started—here's what a toothbrush is made up of.


The Plastic Backing

This prevents you from exerting excessive pressure on your teeth when you hold the brush using a regular motion. The glue keeps the plastic backing in place and prevents it from moving around.




The Toothbrush Handles

These are made of two different types of materials: rubber or plastic. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but plastic handles are preferred over rubber because they're more durable and less likely to fall apart after use.


When you choose a handle, make sure that your index finger can wrap around the grip comfortably when you hold the head of your toothbrush in between your other fingers.


The Metal Collar

This is another component that keeps the whole toothbrush together. It also comes in two types: nylon or metalcore. The nylon one is what many people buy because they're cheaper and easier to replace when they get worn.


If you want to have a good toothbrush, make sure that it's been approved by the ADA.


It might sound like a lot of work to buy and maintain a good toothbrush, but think about all of the time you spend brushing your teeth once you get used to doing it! It's integral to maintain good oral health.

Seek Professional Dental Care

A good toothbrush isn’t sufficient, however. It would help if you visited your dentist every once in a while to ensure that your oral hygiene is good and you’re not exposed to any oral diseases.


At Advanced Dental Center, we offer a range of professional dental services that ensure your oral hygiene and help you identify any potential oral diseases in time.


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