3 Most Common Mishaps of Botox


Botox is an injectable neuro-toxin that’s used to treat blepharospasm, strabismus, cervical dystonia, axillary hyperhidrosis, limb spasticity, and chronic migraines. Simply put, Botox is used for three main purposes: cosmetic improvement, severe underarm sweating, and muscle spasm control.


There are four different types of Botox injections:

§ Botox

§ Dysport

§ Xeomin

§ Myobloc

Since the FDA approved Botox cosmetic in 2002, it has been available by prescription in the US. In 2017, Botox was the United States’ top nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, with physicians and nurse injectors performing more than 1.5 million injections of Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.

However, there are some common mishaps with Botox that everyone must be aware of. Read on to learn about them and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Headache

You may experience a headache after getting injections to the forehead. This may be due to certain impurities in a particular batch of Botox, over-contraction of some facial muscles, or accidental bumping of the forehead’s frontal bone.

While the causes of headache post-treatment are plenty, you can treat it by taking on OTC (over-the-counter) medication like acetaminophen. Follow it up with some rest, and your headache will fade away in a few hours.

2. Bruising and Swelling

Don’t be surprised if you see bruising and swelling after Botox injections—it’s quite common. Chances are, you’ll see this reaction around the injection site because even the minutest of needles can cause swelling or bruising.

Bruising occurs when a damaged blood vessel bleeds into the neighboring area. However, you can reduce the appearance of bruising by using the following strategies:

§ Avoid blood thinners

§ Keep your head elevated above your heart

§ Don’t indulge in vigorous activities for 2-3 days post-treatment

§ Make sure you apply ice at regular intervals for 2-3 days post-treatment

§ Avoid drinking alcohol before and immediately after treatment

3. Nausea and Constipation

You may witness constipation, nausea, or an upset stomach. However, reported symptoms are moderate or mild, lasting no more than a few days. While this can be a tad uncomfortable, you won’t have to do much to treat an upset stomach.

Here’s what you can do:

§ Take a warm bath

§ Increase your intake of low-fat, bland foods

§ Do light exercise 3-5 times a week

§ Drink ginger tea

§ Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits

§ Take a stool softener or fiber supplement


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