6 Benefits of Botox (Other Than Preventing Wrinkles)

The time for staying hush about Botox and other cosmetic surgeries is long gone: now, Botox is coffee table conversation. This is because of the increased awareness of the many benefits you get from it.

While it was previously only known for smoothing wrinkles, research has shown that Botox is highly effective for many other reasons.

Here are the top advantages of Botox:

Controls acne:

Yes, really. Botox prevents excessive oil production, which, in turn, leads to fewer pimples.

While curing acne might need a higher dose of Botox than recommended, tiny amounts are also effective at reducing the amount of oil and sebum produced. Getting Botox on the forehead is most likely to result in acne reduction results.

Lifts the face:

You can use Botox, injected strategically, to give yourself a facelift. Botox injected around the jaw, on wrinkles, and surrounding the nose every three months gives your face a more structured look.


Lets you fake a nose job:

As you age, your nose can start to sag. This gives your face a droopy look, which can be prevented by injecting Botox on the nose's base, between the nostrils, to prevent depressor muscle from pulling the nose down.

It makes your jawline look softer:

Do you have a habit of grinding your teeth when stressed? Over time, this can make your jawline look wider.

Ask your cosmetic dentist for an injection in this area to shrink this muscle and make your jawline narrower. This treatment also lifts your cheeks and gives your jaw the relief it needs from constant teeth grinding.

Lifts up your lips:

Getting lip fillers may be seen as the go-to method for getting bigger lips, but Botox can also give you a plumper pout.

Ask your surgeon for a small drop around the upper lip perimeter to slightly puff out your top lip. This gives you a more subtle look compared to collagen injections.

Prevents migraines:

There's little research to prove how Botox stops migraines, but the widely accepted theory states that it stops pain signals from being sent to the brain and relaxes head muscles to improve pain sensitivity.

Botox injected in the forehead, scalp, and temples can treat frequent migraines as a result.

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