How To Safely Visit A Dentist During COVID-19


The world is currently experiencing a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has been going on for over a year now and it has since affected 68 million people worldwide. The United States is amongst some of the hardest hit countries as it has the highest infection rate.

Due to COVID-19, life as we once knew it has come to a halt. Public spaces, recreational facilities, workplaces, schools, universities, and even medical centers are now risky places to visit. The only way to stay safe if to self-isolate and take all precautions possible.

Why is visiting a dentist a concern during this pandemic?

One main concern amongst people during this pandemic is visiting the dentist. A dental clinic is a place where patients are required to remove their masks, making them feel quite vulnerable. Many people have missed multiple dental appointments due to the COVID-19 outbreak as well. This is taking a toll on their dental and overall health.

What do the experts say?

The American Dental Association (ADA) published a study that states that dental centers are safe to visit. This study looks into the number of people who contracted the virus by visiting their dentist. Less than 1% of the patients that visited the dentist contracted COVID-19.

How is Advanced Dental Center coping with COVID-19?


Dental practices were presumed as of May 7th by Governor Larry Hogan. Dental practices began offering their services in phases. Our dental practice has worked very hard to establish the best SOPs to keep our team and patients safe.

When looking for a dental clinic in Germantown, look for one that follows all SOPs. We, for example, have modified our appointment schedule to reduce the patients in the office. Social distancing is to be maintained between patients. We have allotted 15 minutes between each patient to disinfect the area.  

Before the appointment all patients are screened for any symptoms of COVID-19. Registration forms are available online so that patients aren’t using the same paper/pens etc. If patients have arrived at the dental center, they are required to wait in their vehicles. Patients are called into the dental clinic when it’s their turn. Mask and sanitizers are also a must. We have introduced an anti-microbial oral rinse before procedures can begin.

Patients are also provided tele dentistry facilities. Online consultations can help keep more vulnerable patients safe during this pandemic.

If you’re having and dental issues, visit Advanced Dental Center.  We are a dental clinic in Germantown that has been providing dental care to families and children for over 15 years. Our clinic provides dental treatments and orthodontic maintenance. Visit our dental center for cosmetic and general dentistry. Call (301) 353-8890 to book an appointment.