Coping With Tooth Sensitivity In Winter


Tooth sensitivity is a sharp sensation in your teeth after you’ve consumed something hot or cold. Your teeth become sensitive to food and drinks that are at an extreme temperature, causing shooting pain. Tooth sensitivity and tooth pain can get worse in winter, taking away from your holiday experience. You skip on the mulled wine, hot chocolate, or even taking a walk outside because of the cold.

Here’s our guide on coping with tooth sensitivity in winter:

What is tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is a very common dental issue. It occurs when the enamel of the tooth has worn down, exposing the dentin. Dentin is the layer just above the nerves in the teeth, so when the dentin is exposed, hot and cold things can cause significant pain.

Tooth sensitivity occurs due to a cracked enamel as well. The crack exposes the dentin, causing a localized shooting pain when you eat or drink certain things, mainly hot and cold foods and beverages.

Can tooth sensitivity be treated?

If you have experienced this sharp pain when having an ice cream or having a coffee, or any other food and drink, visit a dentist. A dentist can determine the cause of tooth sensitivity and treat it.

If a cracked tooth is causing tooth sensitivity, a dentist can treat the problem. Likewise, cavities can cause tooth sensitivity and tooth pain. Tooth infections can also result in tooth pain and require immediate attention.

If general wear and tear of the enamel is the cause, then a dentist will simply change the toothpaste you’re using to provide relief. 


Can high altitude cause tooth pain?

A change in atmospheric pressure can also result in toothaches. This condition is known as “Barodontalgia.” It’s common in scuba divers when they go deep-sea swimming. The same effect takes place when you’re at a high altitude as well. If you’ve planned a ski trip or are visiting up north for the winter season, it’s possible to experience this pain. Avoid hot and cold food and drinks to prevent this shooting pain. This condition can also be experienced during a flight and is known as a flyer’s toothache.

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