There’s Nothing To Fear With Sedation Dentistry


Fifteen percent of Americans hesitate to visit the dentist due to fear. Moreover, a British Dental Health Foundation survey estimated that 36% of people with dental anxiety fear pain and experience embarrassment, which is why they avoid dental visits.

Sedation dentistry, also known as “sleep dentistry,” uses anesthetics and medications to help patients relax during treatment. It facilitates dental treatments by reducing irritability and agitation, and allowing patients to relax.


Here’s how sedation dentistry helps people with dental phobia.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is the most common reason why people avoid the dentist. Sedation dentistry calms down nervous patients and enables them to undergo dental treatment without experiencing any agitation. 


While some patients experience minor pre-procedural anxiety, others go through an overwhelming fear of excruciating pain. In both cases, sedation dentistry helps patients receive the dental care they need.

Pain Relief

There are three standard sedation options when it comes to sleep dentistry: nitrous oxide sedation, oral sedation, and IV sedation. The good news is that all of these options effectively protect the patient from sensations of physical pain.


Reduced Gag Reflex

A gag reflex occurs to prevent foreign objects from going into the mouth. However, it can become a hindrance when a patient is conscious during treatment. Dental procedures that require dental hygienists and dentists to go deep inside the oral cavity can become challenging due to the patient’s gag reflex.

Fortunately, sedation dentistry paralyzes the gag reflex. As a result, dentists can perform dental work with ease.

Prompt Dental Work

Sedatives and anesthetics prevent patients from panicking or continuously moving in the chair, allowing the dentist to work faster and more efficiently. It makes dental work—from root canals to gum treatments—safer and convenient for both patients and dentists.

Moreover, sedation dentistry saves time by enabling dentists to perform the whole treatment within one session without worrying about your reaction to the procedure.



Sedation dentistry has become the holy grail for people with dental phobia and anxiety. Everyone wants pain-free dental care, which is why sedation dentistry continues to gain popularity.


If you’ve been delaying some much-needed dental treatment because of your nerves, you are a suitable candidate for sedation dentistry. Schedule a consultancy with our dentists at Advanced Dental Center in Germantown to assess your treatment’s most appropriate sedation options. Contact us here.