5 Reasons You Should Visit A General Dentist Regularly


An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but there’s no such saying about a dentist! Even with impeccable dental hygiene habits, you need to keep up with your dental checkups regularly.


Missing your dental appointments can be costly for you and your teeth in the long run. At Advanced Dental Center, we want to keep your teeth healthy and that can only be achieved with regular dental checkups. Read ahead to learn why regular dentist visits are necessary.


A Healthy Smile


A healthy smile will not only make you look good but will also boost your confidence. Regular dental checkups can keep your teeth healthy and bright. Teeth are often stained by food, drinks and other habits, causing them to look a bit yellow. Lack of dental hygiene also takes away your teeth’s brightness. Teeth whitening can help restore your beautiful smile. With regular dental checkups, you can maintain a healthy and bright smile.

Prevent Tooth Decay


Even with regular brushing and flossing, you could miss cleaning small areas in your mouth. The plaque buildup on your teeth, if not removed in time, can solidify and turn into tartar, which can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Professional dental cleaning will prevent tartar from creating holes in your teeth, which causes cavities to form. Delayed dental care can cause teeth to decay and cavities will worsen. To prevent excruciating dental pains, regular dental visits are a must.

Reduce Risk Of Gum Disease


Tartar buildup from plaque doesn’t only cause tooth decay. It also erodes your gum tissue and causes gum diseases. Gum diseases, like gingivitis, are common when you don’t get gum treatments and dental checks regularly. 



Gum diseases can cause extreme pain, swelling and bleeding in your mouth. You may require drastic treatment from a professional if not treated in time. Depending on the severity, dental surgeries can cost you a lot more money than regular visits.


Hidden Dental Issues


Your dentist will ask you to get an x-ray to check for hidden dental issues behind the surfaces of your mouth. Certain dental issues maybe not be visible to the naked eye but with an x-ray, your dentist will identify and diagnose the cause of your dental pain immediately. To get proper treatment, regular checkups and update x-rays are imperative.


Oral Cancer


Don’t take your dental health lightly. Oral cancers are a real and dangerous threat if your dental hygiene is weak. Have your cavities and oral hygiene checked every 6 months to spot any abnormalities. Late treatment can worsen your condition and cause more damage.


We understand the importance of your oral health. Schedule regular dental appointments to save money, avoid dental pains and smile wide. Make your smile worthwhile with the best dentists in Rockville, MD. We provide dental services for gum treatments, dental extractions and cosmetic dentistry. Contact us today for all your dental care needs.