4 Ways To Prevent Gum Disease


According to the Centers for Disease Control, half of American adults aged 30 years or above suffer from gum disease. Most of these diseases are periodontal gum disease, which causes chronic inflammation and affects the gum and bone tissue. Fortunately, you can prevent gum diseases with regular dental checkups. Read ahead to know more ways you can reduce the risk of gum diseases.

Practice Oral Hygiene


The most effective way to ensure gum disease prevention is to maintain oral hygiene. Untreated plaque and tartar can increase the chances of Gingivitis. For hardened plaque, also known as tartar, will have to be removed by a dentist as brushing will only remove the soft plaque.


Flossing daily is a great way to look after your oral hygiene and prevent gum disease. However, surveys find that only 13.5% of Americans floss every day. Make sure you brush twice daily and floss once a day at least, to remove plaque stuck between your teeth.


Schedule Professional Cleaning


Scheduling regular dental visits is vital to reducing gum diseases. Hardened plaque can only be removed by a professional. Regular visits will also minimize the possibility of getting gum diseases. Detecting and treating gingivitis early will help reverse it sooner. For advanced gum disease, your dentist will schedule scaling or root planning to prevent your gums from receding. If you have periodontitis, your dentist is likely to recommend gum treatments. Save your costs on treatment procedures and prevent severe gum diseases with regular checkups.  


A Balanced Diet 

A balanced diet doesn’t just improve your overall health, but significantly improves your dental health. Sugar and sodas are known to cause tooth decay and gum disease. Avoiding them can significantly reduce the risk of gum disease.


If, however, you have a sweet tooth or can’t do without soft drinks, remember to brush and floss each time you consume sugar. A balanced diet of minerals and vitamins will replenish your body and prevent gum diseases.




An interesting fact about your mouth is that saliva is the best natural defense against plaque. After every meal you consume, saliva washes away the plaque and remaining food particles. For a healthy smile, the easiest thing to do is to drink plenty of water. Try to reduce your caffeine intake as it dehydrates you and stains your teeth.


Once you know the causes and risks of gum disease, prevention is not hard. Dentists will advise you to take proper care before resorting to any complicated procedures.


Lower the risk of gum disease by maintaining good oral hygiene and visiting a dentist regularly. At Advanced Dental Center, we provide professional care for your dental needs. If you’re looking to get dental extractions or cosmetic dentistry in Frederick MD, contact us for more details.