Periodontal Diseases in Children: Causes & Prevention


Dental hygiene is a vital part of a child’s health and well-being. Improper care for a child’s teeth can lead to several problems, which will only grow as they do. Furthermore, bad oral hygiene also affects a child's confidence and self-esteem. This could be because they have embarrassing dental problems like tooth stains or bad breath.

It's crucial to prevent any long-term periodontal diseases children face by consistent and proper dental hygiene habits. Here are some of the most common afflictions children face:

Tooth Decay

Children are especially susceptible to tooth decay. As children grow, they eat a lot of foods rich in carbohydrates, like candies, bread, cookies, or chocolate. Over time, if not correctly removed by brushing and flossing, these items could accumulate in the teeth. If this happens, then the mouth could begin to form plaque. Plaque can harm the mineral structure of the teeth, and eventually cause tooth decay. If you notice plaque starting to develop in your child's teeth, schedule teeth cleaning with a dentist who will be able to remove them.

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are another common problem in children's dental health. This happens when the enamel, in which the outer layer of the tooth begins to fade. This exposes the interior of the tooth and causes nerve irritations.

In most children, the primary culprit is cavities in the teeth. Sometimes, grinding the teeth or a bad bite might also cause the covering of the teeth to recede. Symptoms of sensitive teeth are discomfort and pain when exposed to hot or cold beverages. If you feel your child suffers from sensitive teeth, a dentist can properly examine them and provide a treatment plan.


Children with bad oral hygiene can also suffer from gum disease. Bad dental health and plaque accumulation often causes inflammation of gum tissue. Over time, this disease could evolve into tooth loss and bone damage. In its early stage, the condition is called gingivitis, and the more advanced stage is called periodontitis.

Symptoms of gum disease include red or bleeding gums, swelling, blood when spitting, and bad breath. This disease is highly preventable through good oral hygiene habits, regular examination and teeth cleaning by dentists.

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