Getting a Tooth Extraction Soon? Here’s What You Should Expect


Tooth extraction can be a terrifying prospect for many people. They might be worried about the pain or discomfort during the procedure. They might be unsure what their teeth would look like after the procedure. The fear may also simply be about being put under anesthetics and not knowing what to expect.

However, tooth extraction is a routine and safe dental procedure. Informing the patients about the procedure can significantly reduce any underlying anxieties they have. So, let's explore a tooth extraction in greater detail.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

There are several reasons why a dentist might request a tooth extraction in a patient. According to government data, the most common reason for tooth extraction is tooth decay. The tooth decay has moved too far into the nerves and is unsavable. This is especially the case with children and adolescents.  

Another reason could be complications that have occurred with root canal treatment. Also, overcrowding of the teeth might require a dental extraction to create more space. Furthermore, tooth extraction can also be recommended when there’s tooth involvement with gum disease.

Preparing for a Tooth Extraction

Prior to conducting a tooth extraction, your dentist will check up on your general health. They'll ask you extensive questions about your medical health and any medication you're currently taking. Depending on your medical history, they might prescribe medicines of their own such as blood-thinning medications or antibiotics, to prevent complications.

Before your procedure, your dentist will give you a small injection of local anesthetics. You'll feel a slight shock throughout, which should be the most painful part of the appointment. You will then experience your entire mouth, including your gums and soft tissues, go numb.


After the procedure

With your mouth completely numb, your dentist will use his tools to loosen the teeth and extract it slowly. Although you'll feel a little pressure, the extraction should be relatively painless.  

Usually, after the procedure, you can expect a mild amount of pain or swelling.  Dentists will tell you to take it easy for the rest of the day and not eat anything too hot or cold. It's common for them to prescribe painkillers like paracetamol for any pain or discomfort you might feel.  

If your dentist has placed any stitches or sutures into the wound, they might remove them after a procedure or schedule a follow-up appointment.

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