How to Save Money with Preventive Dentistry


We've all heard "prevention is better than cure," but when it comes to oral care, it’s often neglected, which is why 3.9 billion people are affected by oral diseases worldwide. In the United States alone, US$110 billion are spent yearly on oral healthcare.


People often skip dental appointments to save themselves from dental bills. The truth is, avoiding these essential checkups will cost you more in the long run. Read on to learn why preventive dentistry is essential for saving money and protecting your oral health.


What is Preventive Dentistry?


Your oral health affects your overall well-being. The key to good oral health is preventative dentistry. Treating oral concerns at its initial stages saves you from spending money on expensive treatments. For example, detecting a cavity at an early stage and filling it would be less expensive than a dental crown. If you’ve suffered from tooth loss, dental implants would be required, costing thousands of dollars. Similarly, regular dental checkups can help prevent serious gum problems like gingivitis, requiring costly treatment.


Instead of raking up an expensive dental bill, preventive dentistry focuses on limiting larger, more serious problems by merely taking the necessary steps to prevent them from occurring. 


What Are Some Preventative Dentistry Strategies?


1. Oral Hygiene at Home

Brushing and flossing at least twice a day is the best prevention technique. This helps remove dental plaque, which, if not removed immediately, can build up and produce dental tartar, leading to tooth decay and gum diseases. 


2. Balanced Diet
Calcium-poor diets can lead to the development of gum diseases and jaw deterioration. Similarly, foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars feed the plaque producing bacteria, causing tooth decay. 


3. Regular dental visits
A dentist will help you detect dental problems at the earliest stage when they’re painless, and you aren’t aware of them. It’s necessary to get a dental cleaning every six months to remove dental plaque and stains that can't be removed at home.


If you're at a higher risk of oral diseases, scheduling a dental appointment more often would be ideal. Ask your dentist to perform oral cancer screenings to check for signs of abnormal tissues. If you have any children, ensure that oral growth and development checks are a part of dental evaluations.



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