How a Straight Smile Affects Your Career Prospects

While prepping for a job interview, how much thought do you put in your appearance? We all try to look our best before meeting someone who we think can significantly influence our career. That’s because we know that first impressions last.
While you try to pick the perfect outfit, appropriate jewelry and professional shoes for the big day, give a little extra attention to your teeth. A bright smile with straight teeth, as has been found in various studies, can significantly affect your career prospects. Don’t think this is true? Let’s look at how it works:

How are people with straight smiles perceived?

A recent survey found that people with straight teeth were perceived to be smarter, kinder and friendlier than people with misaligned or missing teeth. If you’re not one to follow modern standards of beauty, you should know that a straight smile has many health benefits.
When there are missing or eroded teeth in your mouth, your entire oral cavity suffers. The gaps caused by one missing tooth can ruin the hold of other teeth, which can result in misalignment and toothache. Hence, a straight smile is not only a great indication of social ease and friendliness, but it’s also suitable for your oral health.

Are people with bright smiles more likely to be hired?

Another study conducted to find the hiring patterns of people with straight teeth vs people with crooked teeth found out that individuals with straight smiles got better jobs with higher salaries.
Even in a simulated job interview, people who had their teeth whitened were more likely to be hired than people with stained or missing teeth. This shows that a straight smile can go a long way in furthering your career.

Do great smiles excel in the workplace?

A great smile doesn’t stop working its charm once you’ve been hired. In a study conducted by Kelton Research, it was found that people with straight smiles were more likely to be remembered and trusted in the workplace.
The study observed that respondents were more likely to remember someone with a beautiful smile. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry also found that people with a healthy mouth were more likely to be assigned positive personality traits by observers.
The Crest Foundation reported that people with straight teeth enjoyed 68% better professional success in their current workplace and had 64% better financial success that then counterparts!
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