Coping with Dental Anxiety: 3 Ways to Stop Fearing the Dentist

If you fear going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Many people in the US say they feel nervous before a dental checkup. Most times, anxiety is associated with painful dental treatments or complications.
However, you must never miss your dental appointments. Regular dental visits can prevent tooth decay and ensure that your oral cavity stays healthy. On the other hand, dental anxiety can be eased with some useful strategies. A competent dental team will also make sure that you feel comfortable and relax during your visit.
For a seamless dental appointment, try the following tips:

Talk about your dental anxiety

As is the case with anxiety, speaking up can help reduce the fear of the unknown. Talk to your dentist about your worries. It’s going to be helpful if you don’t feel ashamed of your pain tolerance and communicate clearly with the dental staff if or when you need a break during your visit.
Your dentist may also be able to come up with a coping strategy once you confide in them. Work with them to devise a signal that you can use to indicate your discomfort during treatment. Since you probably won’t be able to speak, it’s better to use a hand signal.

Distract yourself

An effective way to deal with dental anxiety is to distract your mind from the procedure. This may work for you if you know which distraction strategies suit you well. You can try listening to music on your headphones during the visit. This will help you focus on the song and obstruct the sound of the drills.
Another way that you can distract yourself is through guided imagery. Imagine yourself in your happy place and try to stay there. You can also do this while wearing your headphones to completely zoom out of the dentist’s office and land in the world of your imagination.

Use relaxation techniques

Mindfulness techniques such as meditation and deep breathing exercises have long been associated with inducing calm and relaxation. When you feel that your heartbeat has started racing quickly, try to breathe very slowly. Count your breaths while inhaling and exhaling as it will help you focus.

Guided meditation can also help ease your anxiety. You can make a habit of meditating for a few minutes every day to destress.
Your dentist plays a vital role in making you feel at ease during your dental visit. If you live in Germantown, MD, visit our website to find out more about our services.
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