Where You Keep Your Toothbrush Can Affect Your Health!

Every morning, you wake up, walk to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and continue with the rest of your day. But today is different. Today, you stopped to think about why your toothbrush lives in your bathroom, where millions of germs also reside.
Well, you can’t deny the fact that having your toothbrush near the sink is convenient. Besides, keeping it on the bedside table or your bookshelf might not be considered the best indoor aesthetic choice.
But how safe is it to keep your toothbrush in the bathroom? Should you consider switching it to another place? Will that help keep it disinfected? We have the answers for you, but first, let’s see what research says.
How does a toothbrush become contaminated?

Since bathrooms are damp and humid spaces, they make the ideal places for germs to fester.  Studies have shown that a contaminated toothbrush in a bathroom can harbor more than 1.2 million harmful microorganisms such as flu virus, E. coli, yeast fungus, strep virus, and staph bacteria. These germs can pose some grave health hazards.
More so substantial research has revealed that when you flush, fecal matter can release in the air and travel to your toothbrush. And you can imagine what that can do to your body.
But do you think that your toothbrush will remain clean and hygienic if you cover your toilet seat and wash your toilet floor every day? Think again.
A study published in the Journal for Nursing Research and Practice observed that toothbrushes that were stored in moist and covered environments (read: bathrooms) had a 70% chance of being contaminated.

So, you must be wondering how you can keep your toothbrush clean. Let’s see what dental experts have to say:

How can I care for my toothbrush?

The good news is that you don’t need to move your toothbrush out of your bathroom to keep it safe. Just make sure that you follow the following tips outlined by the American Dental Association to keep your toothbrush nice and clean:
Don’t keep it where you flush

Since fecal matters travel through the air when you flush, make sure that your toothbrush is nowhere near your toilet. It’s also a good idea to flush your lavatory after putting the toilet seat down. This ensures that no fecal matter is released in the air.
Also, don’t forget to wash your toothbrush after every use!
Don’t keep it in a closed container

If you thought that keeping your toothbrush in an airtight container will reduce the chances of bacterial multiplication, you probably didn’t know that closed, moist spaces can promote more microbial growth.
Air dry your toothbrush and keep it in an upright position. This minimizes the chances of bacterial growth.
Don’t share

When it comes to the toothbrush, sharing isn’t caring. If you and your partner use the same toothbrush, sure it may seem like a sign of intimacy. But it’s also a way of transmitting harmful microorganisms to each other.
So, if you don’t want one of you guys to fall sick, it’s better to use your own toothbrushes!

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