How Useful is Emergency Dentistry?

Imagine getting into an accident. You fell or got into a fistfight at your school, and two of your teeth got knocked out.
Now you’re bleeding uncontrollably and are in excruciating pain.
Somebody in your family calls your dentist and tells them the situation. But your dentist says they don’t tend to dental emergencies and can only see you in two days.
How would you feel? And what would you do?
This is what dental emergency services deal with.
They provide immediate treatment to any dental issues that require prompt attention because some dental conditions like uncontrollable bleeding and severe infections in the mouth can be life-threatening. 
So, what exactly is emergency dentistry?
According to the American Dental Association, emergency dentistry deals with any dental issue that could potentially be life-threatening and requires immediate attention. A few dental problems that qualify as dental emergencies are:
Tooth Fracture
A cracked tooth can occur due to an accident or by chewing hard food such as nuts, ice, or hard candy.
There are many types of fractured teeth, but the ones that require emergency dental care are:
Split tooth: When you have a split tooth, the crack travels from the surface of the tooth to below the gum line. It’s highly likely that you would lose your tooth since it’s difficult for dentists to save it once it has been divided into two segments.
Vertical Root Fracture: If there’s a vertical root fracture, the crack begins from below the gum line and travels upward. This type of tooth fracture often induces a nasty infection. Chances are your infected tooth will have to be removed if you have a vertical root fracture.
If you have a fractured tooth and require immediate medical attention, visit our clinic in Germantown, Maryland, to have experienced dentists tend to your needs. Advanced Dental Center is committed to providing efficient procedures for all your emergency dental needs.

Severe Oral Infections

Not all oral infections, like cold sores, require emergency treatments.
But some infections, like Ludwig’s Angina, that occurs on the floor of the mouth can cause breathing problems require immediate attention.
A few oral infections can cause severe health issues like heart and lung infections and therefore, it’s important to get them checked before they get worse.

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