Stop Doing These 5 Things With Your Teeth

The majority of people believe that dental health is all about maintaining optimal dental hygiene, while this is true, this isn’t the whole truth. Certain habits in your daily life can be ruining your teeth too. Certain foods cause tooth decay, some can discolor, and certain habits can weaken your teeth.
Here are some habits you need to put an end to if you want healthy teeth:

Chewing ice

While chewing ice seems like a harmless thing—it’s just water— in reality it can cause much damage. Ice chewing can cause permanent damage to teeth. Ice is way too hard for anyone’s teeth and chewing on them therefore creates cracks on the enamel. These cracks cause the dentin to be exposed, leading to sensitivity.

It’s also important to mention that craving ice is a sign of anemia and iron deficiency. The medical term for the craving to have ice is known as “pica.”

Forgetting your mouth guard

Dentists often recommend mouth guards to athletes. It’s essential in games like football. Playing a game without a mouth guard increases your chances of sustaining serious dental injuries. Mouth guards prevent such injuries from happening, if not, the mouth guard reduces the damage sustained.

Teeth grinding

Do you wake up with pain in your jaw every morning, or there’s tightness in your jaw and neck? These are signs that you grind your teeth when you sleep. The added stress and tension on your jaw causes this discomfort and the condition is known as bruxism. This issue isn’t serious, but it does wear down your teeth over time.

Night guards are specially prepared to help individuals correct this issue. Night guards are made for every patient so that it fits perfectly.


We are all well aware of the consequences of smoking on our health, yet a large proportion of the population indulges in it. Other than causing respiratory issues, cigarettes stain your teeth and weaken it. Tobacco can also cause various forms of cancer.

Using a hard toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is an essential part of oral hygiene, it is meant to get rid of food particles and bacteria on the teeth. Using a hard brush, however, isn’t good for your teeth. It causes the enamel to wear off, leading to sensitivity. Make sure you always use a gentle toothbrush.

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