Kids Oral Health: Why Avoid An Over The Counter Mouth Guard?

Kids are energetic when they’re younger. With all the extracurriculars they have lined up, you can never be too careful. While there are only a small number of sports that require the use of a mouth guard, it’s necessary for parents to understand its importance.

How does a mouth guard help my child?

A mouth guard is a device designed to protect the wearer’s teeth. It fits over the upper teeth and minimizes injuries to the teeth, as well as the mouth, and jaw. It’s essential for contact sports by football, hockey, boxing, even baseball and basketball.

These mouth guards have to be custom fitted for the perfect fit for a child’s jaw. There are, however, over the counter options available too.

Common dental injuries that arise due to sports

Our dental clinic has had its fair share of dental emergencies where we tend to athletes who’ve gotten injured during practice and games. The most common injuries we have come across are:

· Cuts on the lip, inner cheek, and tongue
· Chipped teeth
· Broken teeth
· Injured jaw

Certain individuals are more susceptible to injury because of the way their teeth are positioned. Individuals with protrusive front teeth and braces are more susceptible to injuries.

Over the counter mouth guards

Over the counter mouth guards come in a number of sizes to fit people of all ages and jaw sizes. These mouth guards are made of a soft plastic to protect the teeth and soften the blow. Over the counter mouth guards, however, don’t fit every child’s teeth well. Since everybody’s jaw is shaped differently, a custom fit mouth guard is the best.

A custom fit mouth guard is particularly necessary if your child has protruding teeth or an overbite. Kids with braces are also more susceptible to suffering from cuts when they’re playing various sports. Custom made mouth guards prevent such injuries, while over the counter mouth guards don’t give the same protection.

Over the counter mouth guards can result in your child having to clench their jaw to keep it in place. This constant tension will only cause jaw pain.

Another complaint by kids is that over the counter mouth guards make them gag, that’s mainly because they’re either too big or small for their mouth.

As parents, it’s essential that you take their complaints about their mouth guards seriously. One that isn’t protecting their teeth can lead to severe damage. If you’re based in Rockville, reach out to us.
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