Do You Want Healthy Teeth? Add These 4 Calcium-Rich Food To Your Diet

While oral health comprises of brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and using a mouth rinse, your diet plays an instrumental part in the health of your teeth too. If you’re not cognizant of the effects of the food you’re consuming on your teeth, your dental health will deteriorate. Certain foods are harmful to the teeth, like sodas, crisps, and other starches, according to the American Dental Association and should be avoided.  

There are certain foods that can also promote the health of your teeth. Calcium-rich foods in particular are known to strengthen teeth and maintain oral health.

Why is calcium so important?

The daily recommended dose of calcium for an adult is 1000mg. If you’re not getting this daily recommended dose in your diet, you’re more likely to experience bone loss and tooth decay as you age. Calcium is also essential for those who have a family history of diseases like osteoporosis.
Here are some of the best calcium-rich foods to incorporate into your diet:

Leafy greens

Leafy greens are high in nutrition. The darker the greens, the more alkaline they tend to be. While acidic foods tend to erode the enamel of the teeth, alkaline foods don’t. Leafy greens also happen to be rich in calcium while being high in fiber. A cup of kale has 179mg of calcium and a cup of cooked spinach has 257mg of calcium.

Fortified orange juice

Orange juice is a staple in most households. It’s generally consumed at breakfast or as a pick-me-up drink during the day. Packaged orange juice is now fortified with calcium to make it even more nutritious. The added calcium promotes strong bones and teeth.


Almonds are rich in good fats. They make the perfect snack for those looking to stay healthy. What many people don’t know about almonds is that almonds are also rich in calcium. Every ounce of almonds contains 75mg of calcium. Keep a bag of almonds on you at all times, they come in handy when you feel hungry between meals.  


Beans are a great way to bulk up food. They are rich in nutrients and are full of calcium too. Add beans to your daily diet and you will notice you stay full for longer and it promotes dental health. Beans have over 300mg of calcium per cup and are very versatile ingredients.

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