Signs You Have A Cracked Tooth

A tooth fracture sounds unreal and somewhat of a rare occurrence. However, cracked teeth have recently become a leading cause of tooth loss, especially in the posterior teeth. While a cracked tooth may affect elderly individuals whose teeth have faced wear and tear, it can happen in young adults as well.


There are a variety of symptoms—some evident and other obscure—to confirm tooth fracture. Here’s everything you’ll experience if you have a cracked tooth.
  1. Pain in intervals that may go away or come back without an obvious reason
  2. Increase in pain during eating, biting or chewing
  3. Increased sensitivity to cold beverages and hot food
  4. Inflammation of the surrounding gums
Minor cracks may go unnoticed if they don’t cause pain and are out of sight. You may only experience the symptoms once the crack has gotten bigger. This is why it’s extremely important to visit your dentist regularly and practice preventive measures.


Cracks in teeth can be typically divided into two categories. While some cracks occur from natural causes, others may happen due to an accident or iatrogenic causes. Here’s a more detailed list of reasons for a cracked tooth.
  • Cracks are most commonin individuals who clench or grind their teeth, habitually.
  • Elderly individuals may develop cracked teeth due to wear and tear.
  • If you regularly eat hard foods, such as nuts, candies or chew ice, they can impact the integrity of your teeth, leading to cracks and fractures.
  • A blow to the mouth can easily cause a crack. The cracks are common in boxers as wells as other individuals who play sports.
  • Bad oral health characterized by cavities and regular filings can also cause cracks. The filing can hurt the placement of the surrounding teeth
  • Sudden change of temperature in your mouth, such as eating a hot steak with an ice-cold soft drink.
Along with the above-mentioned causes, the chances of fracture increase if your teeth are misaligned and experience more strain than the perfectly aligned teeth.

Treatment and Recovery

There’s a definite chance that you can figure out the reason of your tooth fracture by yourself. However, your dentists will perform inspection along with x-rays to confirm the diagnosis. Make sure to share the relevant information regarding your eating habits and any recent treatments such as a root canal or cavity fillings.

Make sure you don’t ignore the signs of a cracked tooth and seek treatment immediately, or it can lead to infection.

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