3 New Year’s Dental Resolutions for Improved Oral Health

Time may be a social construct, but dental health isn’t.

Even if you’re a cynic and don’t believe in New Year Resolutions, there are still plenty of reasons to look after your teeth. If the New Year can help you get there, there’s no reason you can’t use it as an excuse to improve your oral health.

So whether you have a whole list of resolutions or just plan to get through the year one day at a time, this is what you need to do to get that picture-perfect smile.

Healthy Food and Beverage Consumption

A critical step in the improvement of oral health is making healthier food choices. Much of the food we eat is heavily processed and contains ingredients that are harmful to our health when consumed in excess. Fast food, soft drinks, desserts and sugary foods are consumed in record numbers by Americans on a daily basis.

This leads to plaque buildup, which when combined with sugar, releases acid in our mouth. This is directly responsible for infection and tooth decay. Switching to healthier food items can do wonders for your oral health; so, the next time you want a can of Coke, choose fresh fruit juice instead.

Commitment to Flossing

There’s no doubt that brushing teeth two times a day is important. However, brushing alone doesn’t always cut it. It may be effective in removing the plaque from the exterior of teeth but doesn’t remove food particles stuck between the teeth.

Flossing prevents tartar formation and reduces the risk of gum disease as well as gum inflammation. This is especially important for individuals suffering from bleeding gums. Make sure that you floss twice a day or at least after you’ve had a full meal.

Bi-Annual Dental Exams

Has it been a while since you last saw a dentist? You’re not alone! According to the data, one-third of American adults go through the year without seeing a dentist.

This often leads to preventable oral health problems and end up costing you more time and money. Regular checkups are vital to ensure healthy teeth and prevent any growing conditions from getting worse.

The Takeaway

A majority of people take their dental health for granted. If you only begin caring for your teeth when you’re in excruciating pain or paying hundreds of dollars for tooth extraction, it won’t help you much.

The next time you’re tired and just want to go to sleep without brushing your teeth, think about all the bacteria and germs having a filthy party inside your mouth. If that image doesn’t help you stick with your oral health resolutions, we can!

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