Weight and Dental Problems: Is There a Connection?

Many people disregard their dental health because they see it as less important than their ‘overall health.’ However, oral health is significantly linked to your overall health. For instance, there is a major link between weight and dental issues.
So practicing good dental hygiene habits has the potential to not only make you look and feel healthier, but also to help you maintain a healthy body weight.
Let’s take a closer look:


Sugary drinks, dessert, bread, and pasta are all examples of foods that are detrimental yo your dental health. They can cause cavities, leave behind bacteria, and also lead to tooth decay in extreme circumstances.

As your oral health is greatly dependant on your diet, it’s important for you to watch what you eat. Staying away from foods that are high in sugar, for instance, will not only protect your teeth, but will also help you lose weight.


Research has found that around 70 percent of women deal with gum inflammation or gingivitis at some point during their pregnancy. Commonly known as pregnancy gingivitis, this condition is a result of hormone levels changing during their term. These changes cause an inflammatory reaction, making women susceptible to periodontal disease.

It has been suggested that women who develop serious mouth infections or gum disease during pregnancy can deliver preterm babies who are underweight. This makes it extremely important for pregnant women to get periodontal or gum disease treated beforehand to prevent it from affecting their baby’s weight.


This may sound like a bit… far-fetched, but an unhealthy and unhygienic mouth can make it increasingly difficult for you to exercise. This is because dental problems like gum disease, for instance, are chronic infections that require a lot of bodily energy to fight off. This lack of energy makes you less likely to be able to exercise. It can even hamper your motivation to exercise.

Moreover, if you have diabetes, it can be worsened by gum disease, leading to further weight gain.
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