Root Canal Infections: Everything You Need to Know

Many people get intimidated by the idea of getting a root canal treatment. This is especially common for people with dental anxiety, who see the procedure as extremely painful.
It may comfort you to know, however, that root canal treatments are very common; in fact, approximately 25 million people in the country are treated every year.

Root canal infections damage teeth and cause infected pulp—the tooth’s lifeline. They also cause an immense amount of pain, and can lead to severe tooth decay and tooth loss if not treated in a timely manner. Not getting a root canal treatment can also lead to swelling in the jaw and face.
Here’s everything you need to know about root canal infections:


The causes of root canal infections vary, but they usually occur after the person in question sustains a tooth injury. This could be a crack or small chip, or a severely fractured tooth root.

Tooth decay is also a primary reason behind the occurrence of root canal infections. When you don’t visit a dentist regularly, it’s very likely that any tooth decay you’re experiencing will worsen. It can then make its way to your enamel and infect the dentin. Once it reaches the pulp of your tooth, the microorganisms present in the infected tooth cause inflammation and increase bacterial growth.

Some signs and symptoms

The best way to identify a root canal infection is to pay utmost attention to the state of your dental health. Understand the signs of a root canal infection beforehand so you can get it treated professionally before it worsens. The symptoms of root canal infections are similar to those of tooth decay.

Some signs and symptoms you need to watch out for are mouth pain, heat or cold sensitivity, chewing problems, tooth discoloration, or swelling in the mouth.


Root canal treatments comprise a number of steps.

First, the dentist removes any active decay or infection in your mouth. Then, the canals are shaped into hollow tunnels using small-sized instrumentals and disinfectants. The professional then goes on to fill the canals to restrict the growth of bacteria, as empty canals act as a breeding ground for them.
Lastly, to ensure the functionality of the tooth, a dental crown is put on it that acts as a seal and prevents further bacterial growth.

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