3 Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth Between Checkups

Sure, we've always been advised to visit our dentist twice a year for a regular dental checkup and routine cleaning. However, your teeth require more attention than just two dental checkups every year. To maintain good oral hygiene, you need to take care of your oral health all 365 days in a year.
To keep your teeth white, shining, and problem-free in between dental checkups, here are three effective, yet simple tips you must follow.

Brush After Every Meal

For years, dentists recommended brushing two times every day—once after waking up and once before we sleep. Though this is a great foundation, brushing doesn't necessarily have to stop there. Many dentists now suggest that it's beneficial to brush teeth after every meal. Doing so keeps pieces of food  from sticking in between the teeth, which could otherwise result in plaque buildup and formation of cavities. Many people carry portable toothbrushes with them to clean their teeth after every meal, wherever they are. They are smaller in size and can be conveniently kept inside purses, backpacks, or handbags.

Floss Regularly

People who regularly brush their teeth often forget to floss. Small food particles tend to remain stuck between your teeth despite thorough brushing. These particles will rot over time and cause damage to your gums and teeth. Regular buildup and rotting of food particles will lead to severe issues such as tooth decay, cavities, gum diseases, and even teeth loss. You wouldn't want to lose out on your oral health when it could've been avoided by merely—flossing!

 More Healthy, Less Junk

Avoiding unhealthy food isn't just right for your overall health, but it also maintains your oral hygiene. Avoid food items and beverages that are acidic and have high sugar or alcohol content to keep your teeth and gums in good shape. A balanced and nutritious diet goes a long way, and it will show on your face every time you smile.

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