Sink Your Teeth into That! Post-Halloween Dental Care Tips

Halloween is all about ghosts and candy. And kids love candy—they can’t help it. But candy also destroys their teeth—common sense for most of us.
How do you ensure that your children’s happy Halloween doesn’t end up becoming a dental nightmare? Do you become Willy Wonka’s father and forcefully stop your child from having candy? Or do you let your kids have fun while you take care of their teeth once the fun is over?

We strongly suggest the second.

They Can Have Candy—As Long as You’re Selecting Which Candy

All candies are bad, but some candies are worse. Yes, Halloween has now passed, and your kids already had their fill, but for any leftovers, remember: candies that linger are bad candies. Hard candies and the sticky taffies such as caramel need to be avoided.

Limiting Their Sugar Intake

It’s important that your kids don’t eat candy all the time. Post-Halloween, when your kids have a well-stocked stash of candy, they tend to munch on sweet treats all day long.

Set a time or set of times when they can eat their candy. The best time for this sugary indulgence is usually after meals. The American Dental Association claims that saliva produced in the mouth can wash away bits of candy and sugar from the mouth.

This happens best after a meal, greatly reducing the cavity risk involved.

Don’t Brush Right After

Kids might be inclined to think that rushing to brush right after they’ve popped some candies in their mouth is the best way to keep their teeth bacteria-free.

But tell them that it doesn’t work that way. It’s best to wait. In fact, if you’ve eaten something acidic (sour candy, for example) and you rush to brush your teeth immediately afterward, this can be harmful to your teeth.

These candies tend to make your enamel softer, and if you brush right after having them, your teeth will hurt. Give it half an hour at least before brushing.

Go See a Dentist

Nothing works better than seeing a dentist after Halloween. You’ll doubtless be seeing a dentist at least twice a year anyway for your regular checkup, and scheduling one of these biannual visits after Halloween is a great idea. Nothing will keep tooth decay and periodontal disease away as well as a dentist would!

If you’re based in Germantown in Maryland, visit Advanced Dental Center for a routine checkup. We’re a family-friendly clinic and offer a host of dental services. You can also reach out to us online and schedule a visit.