Technological Advancements in Dentistry 2019

These last few years have been great for the field of dentistry. We have observed the emergence of new technology, which has allowed dentists to spot telltale signs of oral cancer right in time to deliver effective treatments, as well as help patients achieve that perfect million dollar smile they wish to have.

These advancements have made dental procedures more efficient and allowed for a more natural-looking result.

Digital X-rays

As digital x-rays have entered the market, film x-rays have started making their way out. This is because digital options are much more convenient as they can be added to the patient’s digital records and referred to in the following consultations. Additionally, they emit around 70% less radiation than their traditional counterparts. This is precisely why we incorporated them into our centers.

Intraoral Cameras

These cameras are used to take pictures of the inner surface of the mouth and to observe issues up close during treatment procedures.

Dental Implants

Implants have become much more reliable and long lasting. The process includes a screw-like device which is used as a replacement for the root. This is fused to the jawbone and protrudes over the gum line. An abutment then covers the protruding section and a crown is placed over it.

Implants often failed in the past due to lack of research about the materials being used. However, implants these days last for over 15 years. Furthermore, 95% of the implant procedures carried out today are successful. So you can have that missing tooth replaced by us and restore that beautiful smile!

What is the future of the American Dental Industry?

New research is being conducted to stimulate cells in the pulp of your teeth to produce dentine which re-grows teeth. This will remove the need for dentures and implants, and restore your teeth naturally. This is a breakthrough in the dental world and will soon be adopted by dental care centers in the United States.

If you’re looking for a state of the art dental service for your treatments in Germantown, contact us now and we will help you maintain your oral hygiene.