Make Your Dental Health Affordable!

Most of us live under the assumption that if we don’t feel any sensitivity in our teeth, our teeth are completely free from decay. That’s rarely the case.

In fact, 27% of Americans have untreated tooth decay and they don’t even know about it and even if they do, 59% of them don’t opt for treatments presuming it to be expensive. This ignorance is really what makes it all the more important for you to get dental care in the first place.

Here are a few affordable dental treatment options:

Preventive Dentistry

This is a very important branch of dentistry which is neglected by most people as they don’t really understand the need for their teeth to be regularly cleaned by professionals. They ignore it until it’s visibly needed and then rush to make emergency appointments for treatment. This can be avoided through bi-annual visits to your dentist.

Preventive care will also help you avoid periodontitis, gingivitis and enamel loss. You should also have a strict brushing and flossing regime and play your part in maintaining your oral hygiene.

The Right Use Of Insurance

People usually tend to avoid insurance plans because they don’t want to be in a position of overpaying for something by accident. However, this leads to them making uninformed decisions about their dental care as they don’t know what is covered.

By going through your plan, cover-to-cover, you’ll have a better idea about the treatments which require pre-authorization from your insurance providers. You can also check if emergency dental treatments are covered in your plan so you can avail them when needed.

Dental Plans

Certain dental practices play their part in making dental care affordable by providing dental plans. We also offer interest-free payment options to our patients as we understand the tough time our patients face trying to draw up finances for their dental treatments.

We want you to treat yourself without having to wait due to your financial situation because like we mentioned before, delays in treatments don’t just worsen the state of your teeth but also makes it more expensive to have them fixed.

Treatment Options

In many cases, there might be multiple potential treatments for a single dental problem. Consider discussing your treatment options with your dentist to identify the most affordable ones.

We are here to guide you in maintaining your oral hygiene. Reach out to us at our office in Germantown and keep your dental health in check!

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