Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrush: Which is better?

Good oral hygiene starts with proper brushing. Brushing your teeth correctly not only plays an important role in preventing decay and gum diseases but a clean set of teeth also makes you feel more confident.

If you don’t brush properly, at least twice a day, chances are, that you may suffer from dental issues at some point in your life.

Before we move further on which kind of toothbrush is better for you, let’s make one thing clear: Whether you use an electric toothbrush or a manual one, it’s essential that you brush twice a day!

Electric toothbrush benefits

If oral hygiene is your top priority, then electric toothbrushes were made for you. They are proven to be better at reducing plaque build-up and even lessen the risk of gum disease.

According to one study, after using electric brushes for three months, it was found that plaque was reduced by 21 percent and gingivitis by 11 percent. Furthermore, oscillating toothbrushes are recommended over vibrating ones.

These toothbrushes also come with built-in timers that help you identify how much time you need to spend brushing each area. Electric toothbrushes are particularly beneficial for people with limited dexterity or other such conditions, like arthritis, as they are extremely easy to use.

Finally, we all know that kids often shy away from brushing their teeth but an electric toothbrush provides a much more fun experience. This can help them improve their oral health without worrying about them hurting themselves for brushing too hard.

Electric toothbrush cons

Arguably the biggest reason why most people haven’t shifted to electric toothbrushes already is that they’re significantly more expensive than manual toothbrushes.

People often also refrain from using electric toothbrushes because they feel that they are not conducive to teeth sensitivity. Others simply believe that electric toothbrushes are not eco-friendly as they require a change of batteries on a regular basis.

Manual toothbrush benefits

We’re all creatures of habit and the fact is many of us just don’t feel that switching to an electric toothbrush is worth the hassle. After all, the manual toothbrush has done its job just fine until now! It’s cheap, accessible and there are now even organic manual toothbrushes available in the markets that are eco-friendly. Why change?

Manual toothbrush cons

There are several drawbacks to using a manual toothbrush. People are often guilty of over-brushing and damaging their gums. Children, especially, have a hard time using a manual brush as they find the exercise tiresome and end up ignoring their oral hygiene.

Brushing twice a day should be your priority, whichever toothbrush you use. Each toothbrush is effective if used correctly. However, brushing alone is not enough. It’s extremely important to visit your dentist regularly so you get a professional’s opinion.

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