Brushing Your Teeth—Are You Doing It Right?

We understand the importance of brushing our teeth regularly. A report indicates that only 1% of adults admit to never brushing their teeth. But what happens when you’re doing it wrong? Are you?

  1. Harder isn’t better
Quite of a few of us think that the harder we brush our teeth, the more effective it is. Brushing too hard can cause the gums to recede by wearing them out and creating a gap between the tooth and gum leading to other infections. Receding gums leave room for bacteria to enter and infect the inner linings of gums. Dentists recommend “gently massaging”.
  1. Take your time
4% of people brush their teeth for fewer than 30 seconds. That is less than 25% of the optimal time of 2 minutes. Research indicates that those who brush for two minutes remove 14% more plaque than those who brush for only one minute.
  1. Motion is important
People who tend to brush harder also have the habit of scrubbing their teeth in an up and down or left and right motion. Along with brushing aggressively, using an up and down motion also contributes to receding gums by causing damage to the lining between gums and teeth. Instead, a circular motion is most effective in removing any impurities.
  1. Replacement is vital
Just like everything else, toothbrushes also wear out and require replacement. The American Dental Association recommends that individuals should replace their toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months. If the brush has become frayed one should replace it before that time period. If you’ve recently recovered from the flu or other viral or bacterial infection, a replacement ensures that the bacteria residing on your toothbrush do not linger and spread infections again.
  1. Neglecting the gums
The connecting part between the gums and teeth is where food particles get accumulated easily. All types of carbohydrates are food for bacteria. When they break down, these sugars release acids that begin to rot your teeth gradually. It’s important to get that removed by massaging below the gums in a circular motion and tilting the brush at a 45° angle.

Another part you shouldn’t forget is your tongue. You may notice the yellow discoloration building up on your tongue which results in bad breath. To avoid that, gently massage your tongue to remove the stuck particles.

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