4 Tips For Clean and Sparkling Teeth!

You’re not really healthy if your oral health isn’t up to the mark. Having healthy teeth and a bright smile is not only important to look good; it helps you chew well, speak clearly and feel more confident!

Here are a few simple tips for that gorgeous smile!

Brush your Teeth the Right Way

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least thrice a day, in the morning, after lunch and before going to bed at night. Along with the frequency of brushing, brushing your teeth the right way is also important.

The correct way of brushing is, keeping the brush at a 45-degree angle and moving it in a circular motion for up to three minutes. While brushing, make sure to clean your tongue as well, to remove tongue plaque that causes bacteria buildup and bad breath.

You should also ensure to replace your toothbrush after every two to three months, to prevent bacteria for entering your mouth.


Using a mouthwash daily is as important as brushing and flossing. It washes away the acid in the mouth, re-mineralizes your teeth and cleanses areas around gums that are hard to reach by a toothbrush.

When buying a mouthwash, make sure it contains fluoride and chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine kills bacteria in the mouth, preventing gum disease; while fluoride strengthens your teeth’s enamel.
Avoid using mouthwash with alcohol. Even though alcohol kills bacteria, it isn’t very effective against gum disease and bad breath.

Drink Ample Water

Water is the best beverage for your teeth. Some H2O after every snack, meal or drink ensures good oral health. When you swallow water or rinse your mouth with it, it helps remove food particles that are stuck in the crevices of your teeth.

Food particles left behind in the mouth attract bacteria that produce acid. The acid dissolves tooth enamel over time leading to cavities, gum disease and bad breath.