6 Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know

Have you been skipping on brushing your teeth at night because you’re too tired? Do you forget to floss often? Have you been avoiding your dentist because you cancelled your last appointment…2 years ago?

Dentist visits can be daunting because you don’t know what to expect, besides the fear that they’ll find out you flossed for the first time this week right before your appointment. To help you prepare for your next appointment, here are 6 things your dentist wants you to know:

The importance of regular checkups

You’ve heard this one before but it’s still just as true. Regularly going to the dentist can help you address problems that may arise and prevent them, instead of going for cures after they occur.

Gum health is the key

Do you brush regularly yet still experience dental problems? That’s because you should be focusing on your teeth and gums. Daily flossing is just as important as regular brushing; it can stop gum disease and bacteria from building up.

Don’t visit because of the pain

This is usually the most frequent reason for visits to the dentist—but it shouldn’t be. Sometimes gum disease, cavities, and decay are harbored painlessly but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Looks can be deceiving

Your teeth may appear healthy and clean, yet that is not a surety that you do not need to get regular checkups.

Consistency is the key

While this doesn’t mean you don’t need to visit the dentist often, regularly brushing and flossing help keep cavities and gum disease away. Skipping out on these can lead to a build-up of tartar that would require professional help you remove.

As the American Dental Association outlines, fluoride is an important ingredient for your dental care, so ensure your toothpaste is fluoridated.

Harder is not better

While it may seem to make sense, brushing or flossing too hard can do more harm than good; they can lead to receding and bleeding gums. Focus on your technique instead of how much pressure you’re applying.

While these are general guidelines of what your dentist wants you to know, avoiding appointments with them is not ideal for the health of your teeth and gums. If you’re searching for one of the best dental care facilities in Germantown, MD, look no further than Advanced Dental Center. Offering a range of services, you can get in touch for family dentists and periodontists, among others.