Signs You Need to Look Out For in Case You Need a Dental Extraction

There are many stigmas and misconceptions surrounding dental extraction. They’re considered to be painful, unpleasant, and embarrassing for your overall appearance. In reality, you might just be putting your oral health at risk by delaying tooth extraction. If your tooth suffers from an infection or disease, it’s always better to get it extracted to prevent the infection being spread off to areas in the oral cavity.

According to the American Dental Association, modern dental techniques and procedures have made tooth extractions a lot more comfortable than before.
Here are a few signs that indicate you may need to book an appointment for a tooth extraction:

Tooth overcrowding

This is a hereditary condition in which there isn’t much space for the teeth to freely grow. When there’s limited room and the teeth are too big, they become displaced. This makes it difficult for you to clean your teeth properly and also leads to ineffective teeth functioning. Other than that, people with overcrowded teeth avoid smiling. Dental crowding also makes it hard for the person to chew and bite their food effectively. In severe cases of dental crowding, the patient may also experience pain and discomfort.

After a detailed dental examination, your dentist will most likely recommend getting one or two of the teeth extracted. This will leave sufficient room for the rest to grow at ease.

You have a wisdom tooth  

Although not always necessary, wisdom teeth removal is a common practice for adults. Although wisdom teeth aren’t really painful there are a couple of reasons to get them extracted. You need to know that at times the wisdom tooth isn’t really impacted, which means it doesn’t erupt as it should. At times, the wisdom tooth also starts growing at the same angle as another tooth.  This puts your existing set of teeth at risk of being affected. This can also lead to crowding for other teeth.

Before taking up the decision to remove the wisdom tooth, your dentist will look at a number of factors including your age, the alignment of the tooth, and its position in the oral cavity. The dentist also considers whether or not the wisdom tooth causes any pain or discomfort.

Severe tooth decay 

Teeth that suffer from irreparable damage as a result of gum diseases, tooth decay, and other infections need to be removed before they fall out on their own or before they damage surrounding teeth. This normally happens because the bacteria that affect the teeth can travel to other teeth or at least release microbial toxins. Your dentist will first see if it’s possible to solve the problem through a root canal procedure. If the intensity of the decay is beyond that, extraction is inevitable.

Your dentist will always recommend what’s better for your oral health. If you’re based in Germantown and are in search of reliable dental care, contact Advanced Dental Center. We are a team of highly qualified dentists and practitioners. Other than dental extractions, we also offer cosmetic dentistry services. Contact us now to book an appointment.