Signs that Warrant a Visit to Your Periodontist

Research shows that more than 47% of US citizens aged 30 and above have one or more gum diseases. But does that warrant a visit to a periodontist? Let’s find out!

What’s a Periodontist?

A periodontist is an expert in treating complex dental health issues that can lead to severe dental and oral problems, which a regular dentist can’t help you with.

Even though a regular dentist can rightly diagnose and even treat minor gum and oral diseases, they usually refer their patients to skilled periodontists if the medical condition surpasses their level of expertise.

Therefore, it’s smart to consult a periodontist in the first place, rather than being handed over to one if you’re experiencing one or more of these issues:

A Bite in Your Bite

If you notice a change in the way you’re chewing or biting, or your teeth feel out of place while you brush them, it’s time you go see a periodontist. A change in bite can often indicate long-term major oral health issues that will only get worse if not treated in time.

And since it’s a long-term issue, most traditional dentists won’t be able to pick up on it. Therefore, going to a periodontist is the ideal solution, so they can inspect the damage and do damage control before it deteriorates.


A loose tooth can be an early sign of weaker gums and serious bone damage. Therefore, if you experience loose teeth, don’t hesitate in making an appointment to your periodontist because otherwise, you’re just welcoming debilitating gum diseases that could’ve been avoided.

A Case of Bleeding Gums

For starters, if any part of your body is bleeding, it’s a point of concern. Blood’s supposed to run inside your body, not outside it! Bleeding gums are no different. If you find your gums are swollen and bleed, especially when you brush and floss, get immediate periodontal attention. This could be one of those minor issues that build up and becomes a serious dental problem.

You’re in Pain

Most serious dental issues stem from a minor toothache that was dismissed at the time. If you’re experiencing a toothache or discomfort, don’t delay your visit to the periodontist. Consult your general, family dentist to introduce you to a reliable periodontist or just get in touch with a dental facility that has skilled dentists and periodontists on their team so you can find all your dental care solutions in one place!

We, at Advanced Dental Center in Germantown will pluck out the problem before it can manifest!