Partial Dentures: The Solution to the Dent in Your Smile!

Partial dentures are tooth restoration devices that help maintain the structure and functionality of your jaw in case you’re missing a tooth or two. These devices are not permanently rooted in your gums, so you can take them out if need be. They also look incredibly authentic once put in place.

So if there are ever gaps in your teeth, you can always turn to partial dentures to eliminate that dent in your bright smile. Because let’s face it, your smile is your most attractive feature!

What are They Made of?

Metal and acrylic are the basic components of a typical partial denture. The two materials ensure durability and strength, all the while maintaining a natural looking appearance. They’re also designed in a way to allow for flawless speech and comfortable chewing. In some cases, a partial denture is completely made out of acrylic, which isn’t as sturdy and long-lasting as metal ones, but does the job for people who specifically need it.

Are You a Candidate?

People missing one or more teeth usually face trouble chewing and biting into food. Not to forget that having a missing tooth puts more pressure on the remaining teeth that have to take on the burden of their fallen brother. This affects the structure of your jaw and negatively impacts its functionality; over time, this only gets worse if not treated.

A missing tooth can also alter the way you look and smile; partial dentures don’t just help regulate the underlying structure of your mouth, but also boost your confidence!

The Benefits Continue

Partial dentures are a cost-effective way of getting your smile back. They’re also less invasive than other more expensive options. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, they’re easily removed and not fixed into your mouth, and they’re maintenance is just as easy. So even though a regular cleaning of your partial dentures is essential to maintain them, you won’t be troubled much with the process.

Nothing is more valuable than your smile, in fact as many people would tell you; so it’s vital that you take good care of it! Contact us to get back that flawless smile or for any other dental service in Germantown because we’re a leading family dentistry clinic in Maryland that can help you and your entire family maintain your oral health!