Being A Coffeeholic Is Affecting Your Dental Health—All You Need To Know

The thought of a cup of freshly ground coffee gets you out of bed in the morning. Just a whiff of its rich aroma is enough to wake you up. It clears your head, boosts your energy level, and puts a smile on your face.
But could it be that it’s also making your smile less brilliant?

Here’s how your daily dose of coffee is affecting your dental health.

It Stains Your Teeth

Coffee is notorious for staining your teeth. The tooth enamel is a hard but porous substance that holds on to particles of food and drinks you consume. The dark colored pigments in coffee become embedded in those pores, causing the yellowing of your teeth.
Some coffee drinkers believe that adding loads of cream to their coffee will prevent the staining. Unfortunately, that’s just a myth; the dark pigments are still there in your drink, even if you mix them with cream.

It Causes Teeth Erosion

Tooth enamel plays a major role in protecting the inner sensitive nerves and structures of a tooth. Any damage to the enamel can cause a severe toothache. The levels of acid in coffee are very high and can lead to the erosion of the tooth enamel.
In addition, the sugar present in coffee can cause a buildup of bacteria in your mouth and that can lead to tooth decay.

It Causes Bad Breath

You must have heard of the phrase ‘coffee breath,’ it’s a very common condition among heavy coffee drinkers. The reason behind it is that coffee reduces the production of saliva, which leads to dryness that aids the growth of bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria create acids that cause bad breath.

What Preventive Measures Can You Take?

We understand your love for coffee; here are some ways you can keep taking your daily dose of caffeine while having a perfect smile.
· Take some time to brush, rinse and floss your teeth after drinking a cup of coffee.
· Drink lots of water to cleanse any dark pigments and remnants of coffee from your mouth.
· Try to limit the contact of your teeth with the coffee. Use a straw, if possible.
· Take long breaks between each cup of coffee.
· See your dentist regularly!
While these preventive measures work great to reduce the negative effects of coffee on your teeth, getting teeth whitening is the best way to have a guaranteed brilliant smile.
Take good care of your teeth! If you’re a coffeeholic and facing any of the above problems, make sure you consult our dentists. Our team at Advanced Dental Center, Germantown MD, has been providing excellent dental services to families for over 15 years. You can also contact us at (301) 353-8890.