A Parent’s Guide To Looking After Their Children’s Teeth

Strong and healthy teeth help children eat and talk with ease. Your child’s milk teeth serve as foundations for the permanent ones. Therefore, it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene in their early years to prevent painful oral diseases.
Here are a few tips to maintain impeccable oral hygiene in your little ones.

Start Early

To ensure your baby has impeccable oral hygiene way into their adult years, start taking care of it early. Before their teeth start to come, wipe your baby’s gums after every feed. It’s recommended that you use a warm and wet cloth wrapped around your finger to clean excess food left on gums. 

Look After Your Baby’s Milk Teeth  

Milk teeth play a crucial role in helping your baby talk and chew. Moreover, the spaces of milk teeth provide foundation for the permanent ones to set in. Therefore, take time to maintain good oral hygiene for your child’s milk teeth. Negligence in maintaining oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay and gingivitis that can adversely affect your child’s permanent teeth.  

Brushing And Flossing

Get your child in the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day. You can encourage dental hygiene in your child by making them read books on oral health. Make oral hygiene fun by letting your child choose their own toothpaste and brush with characters and vibrant colors.

Moreover, ensure your child’s toothpaste has added fluoride in it. Fluoride wards off tooth decay and cavities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fluoride has played a major role in preventing tooth decay in the US. You can plan a fluoride treatment for your child to prevent cavities and maintain overall oral health.

Prevent Cavities

If your child enjoys sugary foods, they are more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.  Sugar and bacteria turn into acids in the mouth that erode the teeth’s enamel.  Over time, the enamel is damaged to a point that it leads to cavities.  On the onslaught of cavities in your child’s teeth, you may notice discoloration or minor pitting. If such a situation occurs, consult a dentist right away.

Prevention From Injuries

Safety plays a major role in oral health. Make sure your child uses mouth guards if he/she is involved in athletic activities and sports. Mouth guards are plastic retainers that protect the teeth and lips from injuries. You can also have custom- mouth guards for a proper fit.

Visits To Dentist

According to the American Dental Association, you need to take your child to a dentist for a dental exam by their first birthday. The dentist can properly examine your child’s teeth for signs of cavities and decay and can prevent further damage.
Taking your child to visit the dentist in their early years will inculcate habits of good oral practices that will benefit them in years to come.

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