Straight from the Horse’s Mouth – What Your Teeth Can Tell You About Your Body

Brushing your teeth twice a day and chewing on that xylitol gum should be doing wonders for your teeth. So why is it that despite so much effort, your choppers aren’t as pearly white or symmetrical as they should be?
Perhaps the reason isn’t a flaw in your dental habits, but in how your care (or don’t) for the rest of your body.

Dental Problems that Indicate Other Body Health Issues


Bad breath, infections, gum inflammation, tooth decay—these are signs that you might be diabetic or are heading in that direction. If the above dental problems aren’t going away, even after dental treatments, then head to your general physician straightaway to get to the bottom of it.

- Cardiovascular Issues

  If you’re suffering from a periodontal disease that’s not getting resolved, then there might be a good chance that you’re suffering from a heart problem as well. Since these two issues often go hand-in-hand, it might be best to have your heart checked out as well, along with your teeth and gums.


Aside from nausea and vomiting, gum sensitivity is also a good indicator that you may be pregnant. Those bouts of morning sickness can erode the enamel on your teeth, and the hormones can cause them to feel looser as well, which will, in turn, cause your teeth to feel more sensitive. 

Got worn down teeth? It might be that you’re either suffering from stress or a headache. Whatever the case, you’re probably grinding and clenching your teeth, which is what’s causing the deterioration. Many patients grind their teeth while they sleep as well, so if you’ve never noticed yourself grinding your teeth, it could be that you’re simply doing it while you’re unconscious.

Dietary Issues

You could be suffering from an eating disorder. Not getting the right amount of calories means that you’re not giving your body the nutrition it needs. Therefore, you’re not giving your teeth the care they need either. This could be what’s causing them to be more sensitive; it could also be causing tooth erosion and cavities.

Have Your Teeth Checked!

Aside from the ones mentioned here, there’s so much more that your teeth could tell you about your body. If you want to know more, then simply book an appointment with a dental professional to have it all sorted out.
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