Factors That Can Complicate a Root Canal Procedure

root canal
A root canal procedure is carried out in case of dental problems such as a cracked tooth, infection, inflammation or tooth decay. Undergoing the therapy helps eliminate the pain and prevent the development of an abscess.
In most cases, root canal procedures are performed without any problems, but the risk of complications is ever present in any surgical procedure. Fortunately, because the dental process has been refined over the past few decades, any mishaps can be easily corrected.
In this blog, we take a look at some factors that may complicate a root canal procedure.


tooth ache


Since the root canal procedure involves repairing and cleaning the root of a tooth, the pain is likely to persist for a few days. This can range from a slight annoyance to sharp, recurring pain sensations. Whichever level of pain you experience, it won’t ever be enough to debilitate you. If however, some bacteria are left unclean after the procedure, it might cause the pain to intensify. Should you find yourself in such a predicament, contact your dentist right away.

Undetected Cracks

An undetected crack in the root of the teeth is one such type of root canal complication that can be a cause for further treatment. If the small crack goes unchecked, it increases the possibility of bacteria being reintroduced in the area.

Material Erosion

With the passage of time, the inner seal placing during the procedure can erode, allowing bacteria to reenter within the root of the tooth. Such complications are not necessarily based on any problems or mistakes during the procedure but can occur naturally after some time. Dentists usually warn their patients of such the possibility happening after the procedure and that extra care must be taken to prevent or at least slow down the process of erosion.

Harmful Habits

A disorder known as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) refers to a patient’s constant habit of grinding and/or clenching their teeth. This may lead to reducing the effectiveness of the root canal procedure or reintroducing pain felt in the areas of surgery. The disorder is also referred to as bruxism.

man clenching teeth
If you need to have a root canal procedure performed, it is important to have it done by qualified and experienced dentists.
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