Denture Cleaning 101: Problems and Cleanup

denture cleaning
Wearing dentures has enabled people, who have lost teeth, to eat, speak, and smile naturally and more confidently. This is made possible with proper cleaning and maintenance. Much like natural teeth, keeping dentures clean is crucial to maintaining a good oral hygiene.
Let’s take a look at how your dentures can get dirty and what steps should be taken to keep them clean and well-maintained.

Food Accumulation

Every time you eat, food particles get trapped in the space between the denture and your mouth.
Although dentures take up a good amount of space in your mouth, it is easier to identify the accumulated food particles as compared to someone with natural teeth.


Due to the buildup of food remnants, many denture-wearers often complain about bad breath. Since the food often gets trapped underneath dentures, it only takes a few hours for it to turn rancid. This is the main source of bad breath. In order to determine whether the dentures are the source of the foul smell, simply place them in a small, seal-tight plastic bag for a few minutes; if there’s a bad smell after opening the bag, you’ll identify the source of halitosis.
Another complication can arise in the form of inflammation. This is caused when stubborn food particles get stuck to a certain section of the dentures. The area of your gums in contact with this spot becomes infected due to bacteria constantly feeding on the food particles. According to Dental Health, if such a scenario is left unchecked, the infection can escalate into mouth sores or periodontal gum disease typically appearing in the corner of the lips.

The Cleanup

In order to prevent the above-mentioned problems from arising, the following steps should be taken:
· Handle dentures with care.
· Rinse dentures after meals.
· Soak them in a denture-solution overnight.
· Clean your palate, tongue, and cheeks after removing the dentures.
· Brush the dentures, just as you would your natural teeth.
· If your dentures have a loose fit, get it sorted out by a dentist.
· Remember to rinse your dentures after removing them from the soaking-solution. If swallowed, the solution can cause burns, vomiting or pain.

In addition to these steps, it is important to avoid using hard-bristled toothbrushes, strong cleaners, and whitening toothpaste. You should also avoid using products which contain bleach and hot water which may end up warping the dentures.
Although these steps should help you keep your dentures neat and clean, it is common to encounter problems which are best tackled by the experts. Contact us today to make use of the best dental treatment in Germantown ensuring your dentures the care they deserve!