Having Your Candy and Eating It Too – Halloween Dental Care Tips

The month of pumpkins, candies and scary costumes is upon us!
And as much as we’d want to celebrate this time with all our hearts, some amongst us—mostly parents—just can’t muster up the cheer for the spooky season. Mostly because they’re worried that once the October is over, they’ll have to deal with their children’s dental problems!
Now, you can’t really blame your child for liking those sugary snacks, can you? Neither can you stop them from gorging on it on Halloween.
But what you can do is take preemptive measures, so there are not immediate dental issues to begin with!

Tips for Halloween Dental Care

Sift through the Loot

And by that, we mean the candy your kids gather from the neighborhood. Take out any candy that has caramel or taffy in it and get rid of the hard candy too. Sticky candy can lead to cavities and plaque, whereas hard candy can end up giving your kids chipped teeth. So it’s best to skip them altogether.

- Set a Candy Limit

And don’t let them snack on it as they watch TV either! Instead, let them have candy after their meals. This way, the saliva already present in their mouth will wash away the sugar bits. Also, don’t let them overdo their candy intake. Let them pick some of their favorites from their collection, and give the rest to charity.

Don’t Brush too quickly

Brushing your teeth right after having a sugary snack won’t do you any good. The bacteria in your mouth reacts with the sugar to produce acid, which in turn damages your enamel. When you brush your teeth right away, you’ll just end up rubbing the acid in causing sensitivity.

  - Try Not to Costume Your Teeth

 Any prosthetics or makeup is out! If your costume requires any missing teeth, use blackout wax, not eyeliner. And try not to swallow the wax if you plan to eat or drink. Keep it with you and wash it out with water before eating. And skip out on the goofy dentures. The cheaper items can contain high levels of lead, so you might just be putting a hazardous item in your mouth.

 - Blow a Bubble

Instead of giving your child candy after their meal, give them sugar-free gum instead. Chewing on it will not only lessen tooth decay, it’ll also neutralize the effects of acid that the bacteria in your mouth may have produced.


Make Your Dental Appointment!

It doesn’t hurt to be cautious about your child’s dental health. So book a dental appointment for them after Halloween!
With Advanced Dental Center in Germantown, MD on the case, your child’s teeth will get the attention they need.
Call today to talk to a representative!