Why It Is Important To Consider Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Your set of chompers is missing a tooth and you want the the set to be complete again. Your best option for a replacement tooth would be a dental implant. After all, as the most common tooth restoration option, a dental implant would be the best fix, not to mention the more affordable one.
However, you might feel conflicted about this choice because of the other options available such as dental bridges and dentures. Not to mention that like any other dental choice, you may be aware of the pros and cons that accompany each procedure.
So let’s sift through the details, and find out why you should consider dental implants.

Before We Start…

Your aim is to somehow replace the tooth you lost. If you don’t do so in time, the bone in your jaw that’s located beneath your tooth will start breaking down and the teeth surrounding that spot will start to shift which will then cause misalignment.
A dental implant will ensure that your teeth look perfect as always.

Why More People Lean Towards Getting Dental Implants

Cosmetic Appeal

Dental implants ensure the most-natural looking result. Because your dentist chooses an implant that resembles your natural teeth the most, you’re able to get a more natural smile.

Better for Teeth Health

With a dental implant, you’re able to avoid bone loss as well since the implant simply takes its place in lieu of your lost tooth and root. The surrounding teeth are able to rely on it to stay in place, whereas the implant stays strong without taking anything away from the neighboring teeth.

Jaw Bone Issues

Often, people who get dental implants have had dentures or bridges before. Dentures and bridges do not look natural, neither are they able to stay in place in your mouth, and that causes a lot of strain on your other teeth, as well as on the jaw bone. With a dental implant, the bone is not harmed in any way.

Dependabilityhow dental implants work

The procedure for a dental implant is extensive, much more than your average procedure for a bridge or dentures. However, this means that there’s less room for error. While dentures and bridges do cause a bit of discomfort, you can be assured that your dentist will take their sweet time in making sure that the implant fits your jaw perfectly.


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