What to Know Before Going to the Dentist

dentist appointment

It’s your first appointment with the dentist, and you’re feeling more than a little intimidated.
The tools, the lights and that drilling sound – you fear it might all be a bit too much for you. And the appointment isn’t even near yet. How do you prepare for your dental visit without giving into the anxiety and skipping it altogether?
Here’re are a few things that will make your appointment a bit comfortable:

A Visit to the Dentist is More than Necessary

The first thing people notice when they see you are your eyes, then your teeth. Investing in dental care will not only make you look appealing, it may even open doors for you.

You Might Not Be Able to Get Your Dream Teeth

Your dentist isn’t a miracle worker. While they may be able to improve the overall health and condition of your teeth, they won’t be able to transform your choppers to look exactly like some certain celebrity’s teeth. Your face and their face doesn’t match, neither does the overall look, so don’t except the same results.

Chewing Gum May Actually Help Your Teeth

Not only is gum (especially Xylitol gum) great for your teeth, it’s also quite effective for your mouth’s chemistry. Xylitol gum reduces bacteria in your mouth and keeps cavities away as well. So chewing on 6-7 pieces of gum a day might just work wonders for your mouth health.

Dentists Advise Against Mouth Piercings

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Tongue and mouth piercings aren’t hygienic and can cause infections as well as tears in your mouth, not to mention chipped teeth. If you want to keep your mouth healthy, don’t think about getting mouth piercings.

Your Dentist’s Waiting Room can Tell a Lot about their Service

dental visitAt Advanced Dental Center, you’ll notice that our waiting room is spotless, brightly decorated and stocked with the latest magazines to keep your away from boredom. This is an indicator of our dedication to customer care.
Dental visits for many can be scary. We want to show these patients that there’s nothing to be scared of at the dentist’s, and that’s clearly something we’re able to convey through our waiting room.

Come to Advanced Dental Center!

Located in Germantown Maryland, our family dentistry is the best place to go to for top-quality dental services.
We care about your health, and want you to have the best service possible. So book an appointment. Contact us and come to our dentistry for a positive dental experience.