What Qualifies as an Emergency: The Dental Debate

Dental Emergency
When it comes to dental emergencies, we all try to do as little as we can to avoid going to the dentist. Some do it out of sheer laziness while others have their phobias to blame.
However, when push comes to shove, we all have to realize that at one point or another, a visit to the dentist will become necessary, especially in case of dental emergencies. What you need to understand are instances that constitute as dental emergencies.
Does a random toothache count as an emergency, or should you wait for something a bit more before you drive to your friendly neighborhood dental expert?
Let’s discuss!

How to Know if You Have a Dental Emergency

In general, you should visit a dentist if you have dental problems, regardless of the fact that you maintain good dental hygiene.
But aside from these, other situations that warrant a dental visit should include:
- If you are in severe dental pain
- If you have bleeding gums
- If your tooth gets knocked out
- If you have a loose tooth as an adult. Even if you don’t feel pain, as an adult, you should not have loose teeth
- If you have an infection. Visit a doctor immediately if you feel any knots or swelling in your gums, or in your jaw
- If your gums are sensitive and bleed for no reason
- If your dental pain does not go away, even with medication
In such cases, you must go to the dentist as soon as possible. If the dental clinic is closed, call and ask for instructions on what to do. Typically, the answering machine will have a recorded message, dictating what a caller should do in case of an emergency.
knowing your dental emergency

What is Not a Dental Emergency?
A chipped tooth or a crack in your molar does not count as an emergency, unless the fracture feels very painful, or if the fragment is hurting the inside of your mouth. In similar strain, a toothache does not require a dental visit. However, if the pain is severe or is accompanied by face swelling, bumps in your gums or high fever, you should visit a dentist straightaway.
Also, if you’ve lost a filling or a crown, it’s better to just book an appointment for later in the day. You can stick a small piece of gum (sugar-free) in the cavity if you feel uncomfortable, or put the crown back in place using a denture adhesive (no DIY gluing with household glue or super glue).

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