The Perfect Bride Smile Checklist

Dental services for brides
Just when you think you’ve got every detail of your wedding prep taken care of, you notice your smile. And let’s just say that you are not pleased!
But with only little time left before the big day, what can you do to get that perfect bridal smile?
Here are some treatments that might just come in handy!

Dental Services Brides Should Get

- Clear Braces or Invisalign

If you’ve got crooked teeth or gaps that only braces can fix, do not fear. There’s a great option for that. Invisalign clear braces are discreet and removable aligners. Depending on your required alignment, you can get your treatment at least three months in advance. Just make sure to remove the aligners on your big day, and continue wearing them after.

- Crowns or Veneers

Consider getting dental veneers if you want to change the shape, size, color or length of your tooth. The process involves using a slim layer of material to cover your tooth and adjust its look to match the rest of your teeth. The veneer is bonded to the bone structure to strengthen it and does not hurt at all. However, if you have a damaged or missing toothy, get a crown so your teeth are consistent.

- Teeth Whitening

This is one of the most popular procedures amongst brides and grooms. Typically, you can get your teeth whitened by using an at-home kit. However, results for such kits can be unpredictable. We recommend that you go to a dental clinic for this service. Results from professional services can last up to 1-3 years and since the procedure is safe and simple, you don’t even have to worry about any unwanted side effects.

Other Dental Services for Brides

Aside from these, other facial aesthetic services that are suitable for brides include:
- Veneers
- Dental implants
- Orthodontics
- Dental sedation

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