Top Tips for Getting Over Your Dental Fear

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You’d think that as an adult, you’d get over your dental fear. Yet, as you’ve grown older, it seems your fear has only grown to become an unnerving phobia.
Don’t fret. While this is a complex issue, you’re not alone here.
According to dental experts, dental phobia and anxiety is actually very common. In America, around 30-40 million people suffer from this phobia. This accounts for around 9-15% of the total American population. In often cases, it is this phobia that is stated as the cause of people missing out on their dental appointments.
And that is leading to a much bigger issue – more dental problems!

Dealing with Dental Phobia and Anxiety – What You Should Do

- Don’t Disregard Your Fear

Hiding your phobias will not do you any good. If you pluck up the courage and do end up visiting the dentist, tell them first-hand that you have this fear and ask if you could meet the dentist. Most likely, the dentist will have already dealt with patients like yourself and will probably be as gentle and good-natured as possible with you.

   - Know the Toolsdental tray

That full tray of scary looking dental equipment will probably make you want to run away. But do yourself a favor and instead, ask the dentist if they can tell you about each instrument and what it’s used for. Ask if you can hold the tool. Quell that fear.

   - Don’t Push Yourself

You might want to just grit your teeth and get that appointment over with. But it might do well if you don’t overwhelm yourself. The main point here is to be the one in control. Keep talking to the dentist. If you feel any discomfort or pain, tell them. Don’t ignore your fear or instincts.

- Distract Yourself

The sounds of the suction tubes and drills can send a chill down anyone’s spine. Keep yourself distracted by either wearing earplugs or wearing noise canceling headphones, while listening to your favorite music. Bring your smartphone and just surf online. You’ll see a notable difference in your fear factor.

- Choose the Right Dentist

The chemistry has to be right. If your dentist does not respond well or seems impatient when you try to communicate your fears, consider finding another dentist. A professional dentist will always try to make things as comfortable as possible for their patient. Take your time to find the right dentist.

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