Reasons Why You May Have Bad Breath

Ever been told your breath stinks? It can be a very embarrassing situation. Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of bad breath; you’re contemplating telling them as they’re talking and you try to maintain your composure.

reasons why you have bad breath

Bad breath, also referred to as halitosis, is an inconvenience at best and a chronic illness at worst. It’s no surprise that every year $10 billion worth of oral hygiene products are purchased by Americans.
However, these products only help cover up and not address the cause of bad breath. Knowing why you may have it can help in addressing the issue. Here are some reasons why your mouth may stink.

Oral hygiene

Lack of oral care can very easily lead to bad breath. Not brushing and flossing regularly can lead to halitosis. Besides, flossing has many more benefits than just keeping your mouth clean.
Poor oral care can also lead to plaque buildup. Plaque hardens to form tartar. This not only causes bad breath but also leads to gum diseases.


Dehydration leads to bad breath. After poor dental hygiene, dehydration is the leading cause of halitosis.
Water washes down the food we consume and doesn’t allow bacteria to feed on it while it’s still in your mouth. Bacteria feeding on food particles increase the stench and this can be fixed by stimulating saliva flow.
Drinking water is the obvious solution but gum and candies keep your mouth clean by stimulating saliva flow. So when they say staying hydrated will solve all your problems, they aren’t entirely wrong.

Dry Mouth

People suffering from dry mouth can also be victims of bad breath. Dry mouth can be caused by salivary gland issues, allergy medications or sinus congestion, among many other reasons.  


Consumption of tobacco products, whether through smoking or chewing tobacco, leaves chemicals that remain in your mouth. They can also aid other causes of bad breath such as gum infection or oral cancers.

Braces or dentures

If braces are not cleaned properly, stuck food particles can cause bacteria which leads to bad breath. Loosely fitted dentures can also cause mouth sores and infections, leading to halitosis.
If your braces also require cleaning or you’re suffering from loose dentures, we can help you provide the best dental services.
More than 80 million Americans are victims of chronic halitosis. Regular dental visits will help you keep your breath in check and your dentist will provide you with a treatment. Reach out to us today and we will provide you the high quality oral care you deserve.