How to Overcome Anxiety Before a Root Canal

anxiety before a rool canal

If you have been recommended root canal treatment, chances are that you are facing extreme anxiety. Root canal can sound like a painful procedure, and if you already have some sort of dental phobia, days leading up to the procedure could be quite stressful.
Remember that you aren’t alone. Lots of patients feel anxiety when they are told about a certain dental procedure by their dentist. Around 50% of patients tend to experience anxiety when sitting in the dental clinic, waiting for their turn.
The important thing that is to accept anxiety as part of the whole “package” and find ways to cope with it. The last thing you want to do is not go through with the treatment because you aren’t able to handle anxiety and risk deteriorating your dental health.
Here are certain ways in which you overcome your anxiety:

Find the Right Dentist

One of the reasons why patients feel anxiety is because they’ve had a bad experience with a dentist in the past. Therefore, you must put in some time in selecting the right dentist. Don’t be afraid to call a dental clinic and ask them about the procedures they have to make the patients feel comfortable. This mainly includes sedation procedures, as well as the environment in the clinic.
It is better to go to a dental service that is renowned in your area, as chances are that a renowned dental service is likely more reliable than others.

Let the Dentist Know About Your Anxiety

Before the procedure, communicate your anxiety to the dentist. Merely the act of communicating your anxiety will lower your anxiety to a great deal. You will also feel assured that your dentist understands your situation.
This will also help the dentist make arrangements for you accordingly, and they will also be able to guide you about ways to effectively deal with your anxiety.
let dentist know your anxiety

Practice Relaxation Techniques

There are various relaxation techniques that you can sue to ease your nerves.
Try controlled breathing, by taking slow and deep breaths. This will help you in relaxing your muscles and your heartbeat. This is an easy method, which you can practice any time, even during the procedure.
If you think that controlled breathing isn’t working, then somehow try to distract yourself. Listen to your favorite music, watch funny videos or count to yourself. Try anything that will distract your mind.
practice relaxation techniques for anxiety

Take a Loved One Along

Sitting in the waiting room and awaiting your turn can be quite dreadful. Therefore it is always a good die to take a loved one along. Someone who you can chat with during the waiting time and someone you believe have the ability to comfort you.
If possible, ask the dentist to let them come inside with you during your procedure. Their presence may make you feel better.
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